Fabio Lanari / Wikimedia Commons

Starting July 24, the newest version of the Google Chrome is notifying users anytime they try to access an unencrypted or unsecure page.  HTTP sites are less safe than those beginning with HTTPS, which prevents eavesdropping and tampering from third parties. The tech giant has been trying to push for more secure sites on the Internet.   Today on Tech Tuesday, we discuss Google’s latest move toward greater user security. We’ll also talk about possible regulations on Columbus AirBnB and other short-term rentals in the city.  



When a pet is lost, many owners post and look online to find their loved one. While doing so can help, the challenge remains that there are multiple places and groups to search where information could be posted. Also, Google and Mozilla are pushing websites to obtain more secure HTTPS connections, but the security is still being debated. And, Apple is releasing a new app to make learning to program easier.