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Rider on a quarter horse at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio.
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Officials say horses from affected counties in seven states have been banned from participating in a Columbus horse show to protect livestock from contracting a viral disease.

Columbus Metropolitan Library

Central Ohio is filled with parks where it’s common to see joggers and bicyclists making use of trails. Decades ago, it would have been just as likely to see horseback riders trotting on those very same paths.

Officer Sandra Silva with Jack, a retiring Columbus Police horse.
Nick Evans / WOSU

“So Jack would be the dappled grey whose butt is to us right now,” Columbus Police officer Sandra Silva says.

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The Ohio Department of Agriculture is enforcing quarantines after four horses tested positive for herpes. Two of those horses recently participated in races in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Airline passengers have to deal with a lot these days; getting bumped from flights and losing luggage on top of the general anxiety that nervous flyers always feel.

At the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, miniature horses deliver a calming force two times a month. Denver and Ruby, two of 34 therapy horses at Seven Oaks Farm in southwest Ohio, trot out of their trailer and into the ticketing area.

Dogs are celebrated everywhere these days for the clever things they and their brains can do, and the science of dog cognition continues to soar in popularity.

As a cat person, I can't help but add that cats, too, show off their savviness for science.

Of a Different Color: Horse Sanctuaries

Apr 11, 2013

10:00 For most people, horses conjure up images of wild manes, trusty sidekicks, or famous American beer. But not all horses live the good life; some are even abused or abandoned. In this hour of All Sides, we'll examine the world of horse sanctuaries--important safe havens for equine rescue and rehabilitation--and talk about the methods and motivations that sustain them. Guests