A mediation agency says a central Ohio county has had more evictions filed over the past decade than anywhere else in the state.

The Arts and Social Change

Jan 16, 2014

11:00 Art doesn't just sit on a wall, or dance on a stage, or evaporate into the ether. It has the power to make enormous societal improvements. This hour's guests are an artist/homeless advocacy team who paired up to raise awareness and funding for a badly needed shelter. We'll talk about the partnership and the power of practical creativity. Guests

Shelter Board: Demand For Emergency Housing Wrecks Budget.

Dec 8, 2010

During the past five months, the Community Shelter Board has spent $194,000 putting up families and individuals in hotel rooms and other temporary shelters. Executive Director Michelle Heritage-Ward predicts the board will spend $230,000 for emergency shelter by the end of the year. Last year, the board spent $5,000 on such programs.

WOSU's Tom Borgerding talked with Heritage Ward about the spike in demand for emergency shelter.

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