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homeless shelters

City officials in Las Vegas have passed a controversial law making it illegal to sleep or camp in downtown and residential public areas as long as there are open beds available at city homeless shelters.

Before the vote, protesters swarmed the Las Vegas City Council chambers with signs that read, "Poverty is not a crime," and chanting, "Housing, not handcuffs!"

Crowded Homeless Shelters And The Vicious Flu Brew Perfect Storm

Mar 13, 2018
Carmen Heredia Rodriguez / Kaiser Health News

The flu descended on Connie Gabaldon like a fog, she recalled, clouding her mind and compromising her judgment. It progressed to chest and back pain, the aches perhaps made worse by a fall the 66-year-old had while riding the bus in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Open Shelter sits in a non-descript warehouse building on the edge of downtown, just West of COSI---outside broken bottles, blankets and clothes are strewn and a person or two periodically walks by...waiting.

Kent Beittel is the executive director of the Open Shelter---a shelter for homeless men. The shelter, located at 370 W. State Street sees some of Columbus' chronically homeless.

Beittel estimates last year The Open Shelter served some 14 hundred different people. The shelter's capacity is 100.