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On Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Joyce Beatty (D- Columbus)  joined  40 other congressional Democrats in a sit-in on the House floor. In the wake of the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub, the group is demanding what they call meaningful action on gun violence.

Federal and State Gun Background Checks

Feb 17, 2016
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President Obama has called for expanded background checks, but many are uncertain as to what the current background checks consist of. Coming up, how background checks at the state and federal level work and what the new proposals would do. 

An Overview Of Ohio Guns Laws

Jan 11, 2016
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President Obama’s executive actions on gun regulations have people on both sides of the issue asking about Ohio’s gun laws. So what exactly are Ohio's gun laws?

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Jan 11, 2016
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Columbus Mayor, Andrew Ginther, has proposed new ethics regulations. Meanwhile, the Ohio Ethics Commission is currently investigating City Hall, including former council president, Mayor Ginther. Also in the news, Kasich's campaign in New Hampshire and Ohio's slipping educational rankings. 

Obama’s Executive Actions on Gun Regulation

Jan 7, 2016

President Obama gave an emotional address to the nation, during which he announced executive actions on gun control that would create expanded background checks and other regulations. This controversial decision has been a topic of fierce debate. Coming up, how these actions will affect gun ownership and what those from both sides of the aisle think. 

President Barack Obama is moving ahead on plans to require background checks for guns purchased from dealers even if they're bought online or at gun shows.

Guns and Politics

Nov 19, 2015
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Gun control and gun rights are likely to be a big issues in 2016 campaign politics.  Hillary Clinton hopes to use her tough-on-guns stance to differentiate herself from Bernie Sanders. Here in Ohio, Cincinnati councilman and US Senate Candidate P.G. Sittenfeld recently raised the issue to contrast himself from both his Democrat and Republican opponents. 

Guns: Rights/Control

Jul 9, 2015
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The debate surrounding gun violence has had the same song and dance for years. The arguments go: more guns make us safer vs. more restricted access to guns will make us safer. In the wake of the shooting in a Charleston church last month, President Obama solemnly said that he doesn't see any movement towards gun regulation in a GOP controlled house. Others disagree saying we're closer than ever to gun regulation. This hour, gun control and gun rights in Ohio and across the nation.

Concealed carry
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A pair of proposed gun laws would expand concealed weapons in Ohio by potentially allowing them in places such as churches or day cares.

10:00 Last Wednesday Ohio moved one step closer to a "stand your ground" law. Despite protests, the House approved a bill that would eliminate the "duty to retreat" requirement, streamline background checks and reduce training requirements. This hour we'll examine the likelihood of Senate approval, and what a law like this might look like if it passed. Guest

Illegal Weapons and Terrorism

May 18, 2010

Proposals to make it more difficult for terrorists and criminals to obtain illegal fire arms and weapons, with City of New York first deputy criminal justice coordinator/special advisor to the Mayor Arkadi Gerney, City of Columbus police chief Walter Distelzweig and Buckeye Firearms association legislative chair Ken Hanson.