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For the third time in four months, the state has fallen short of bringing in the revenues that were projected.

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What was the site of the nation’s first ever public housing complex is getting a second life. As residents begin moving into new housing at the old Poindexter Village, though, many see the complex as a site of lost history. 

Concealed carry
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State officials say a record number of concealed carry licenses for handguns were issued last year.

Statehouse Celebrates Ohio's Birthday With Tours, Trivia

Feb 27, 2017
Ohio Statehouse
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Ohio is celebrating 214 years of statehood this year, and the Statehouse in Columbus is marking the occasion with a family-friendly party on March 5.

We know that in times of heightened stress, human instincts tell us to fight or flee. For some American Muslims, the current political climate has created a need for more Muslims to stand up and fight by seeking political office.

"Muslims didn't ask to be dragged into the spotlight, but now that we're there and we need to push back," said Robert McCaw, director of government affairs at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). "Getting into elected offices is one of the best means."

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If Columbus City Council wants a change, both liberal and conservative advocates say a committee proposal will just lead to more of the same.

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A committee appointed to research options for revamping Columbus City Council had its final meeting on Friday, the result of a push from residents to better support district representation.

Bill Would Make Ohio Students Learn Cursive By Fifth Grade

Feb 21, 2017

Some state lawmakers want to bring back cursive handwriting as a requirement in Ohio's elementary schools.


Ohio's governor has proposed allowing counties to create committees that would review overdose fatalities, and the public would have limited access to the findings.


Ohio lawmakers are moving quickly to override a state Supreme Court ruling that prosecutors fear could delay and shorten sentences for suspects caught with cocaine.

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Lawmakers in Ohio have proposed a law that would remove sales taxes from feminine hygiene products.

Lake Erie
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Ohio's government agencies will spend the next year looking closely at hotspots that are contributing to Lake Erie's algae blooms and developing a monitoring network.

The Ohio Statehouse
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The Kasich administration is proposing to change the way it distributes money to local governments. The Ohio governor’s plan would give precedence to communities with less capacity to raise their own funds.

John Kasich
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Lawmakers, state agencies and special interest groups are preparing for Gov. John Kasich’s big budget proposal. Kasich will roll out that proposal on Monday.


Flags will fly at half-staff in parts of Ohio over the weekend to honor a Cleveland police officer killed in the line of duty.