Kasich Picks Minority Business Chief For Commerce Director

Apr 6, 2015
Jacqueline Williams

Ohio’s governor has named a new commerce director as the state agency’s current leader is set to return to a regulatory board.

Gov. John Kasich said Monday he has picked Jacqueline Williams to lead the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Mandie Trimble / WOSU News

Indiana’s controversial religious freedom law has renewed the debate over whether businesses can use faith to refuse service to gay and transgender customers.

A lesbian couple from Bexley is calling on their city to prohibit discrimination against gays after they say a company refused them service. WOSU looks at the case, local ordinances and whether the rules can be enforced.

Dayton Tries To Snag Businesses Upset About New Indiana Law

Apr 1, 2015
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Officials in Dayton are aiming to capitalize on backlash against a religious-objections law in neighboring Indiana that critics say could permit discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Jerra Knicely (L), Jenn Moffitt and their lawyer, Carol Ann Fey (R), attend a rally before a Bexley City Council meeting.
Mandie Trimble / WOSU News

Bexley City Council will consider a discrimination ordinance that would include members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. The move follows a lesbian couple who spoke out about a local wedding photographer who declined their business due to their their sexual orientation.

Bexley City Councilwoman Deneese Owen will head up the committee that will draft a proposed discrimination ordinance.

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Early voting begins next week for the May primary.Columbus voters will decide candidates for mayor, council and board of education.

Franklin County Board of elections spokesman Ben Piscatelli, says a four way race for mayor will drive turn-out on May 5th.

Bill Clinton Endorses Strickland For US Senate Race

Mar 31, 2015
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Former President Bill Clinton is endorsing former Ohio governor Ted Strickland’s U.S. Senate bid.

Strickland has long ties with the Clintons and was a leading backer of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s successful 2008 Ohio presidential primary effort.

But the early endorsement comes with 30-year-old Cincinnati councilman P.G. Sittenfeld also seeking the Democratic nomination in a primary more than a year away.

Incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman is seeking re-election.

Red Light Cameras To Be Turned Off March 23

Mar 11, 2015
Red light camera
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In about two weeks red light cameras, in Columbus, will be turned off…at least for now.

DeWine's Advisory Group Studies Police Training

Mar 5, 2015
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A group formed by state Attorney General Mike DeWine is continuing its study of possible changes to the way Ohio trains police officers.

DeWine created the group last year after several fatal police shootings and protests of those shootings in Ohio and nationally. The 16-member task force planned another meeting Thursday in Columbus.

Local governments may be competing for businesses and people, as companies like Bob Evans move from Columbus to upper income areas like New Albany. What will the results of this competition be? Should these governments need to compete at all? The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) will be holding a State of the Region Luncheon today, April 21, focused on how "Transportation means Business," with keynote speaker Jerry Wray, director of ODOT. Guests:

Director Debra Jasper and associate director Betsy Hubbard of the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism, a program operated by The Ohio State University John Glenn School of Public Affairs providing social media training, discuss taking their 'boot camp' abroad to teach the Ukraine government how to use social media.

Four Decades of Ohio Politics

Dec 9, 2009

Four decades of important events and major figures in Ohio politics and government, with retired United Press International and The Columbus Dispatch reporter Lee Leonard.