Ohio Senate and Ohio House signs at the Ohio Statehouse.
Dan Konik / Statehouse News Bureau

Starting on Thursday, every committee hearing at the Ohio Statehouse will be streamed live or recorded and broadcast later.

Cuyahoga County may make it easier for employees to report whistleblower complaints within county government.

County council gave a first reading to revised reporting safeguards Monday evening.

Councilman Dale Miller, a Democrat who introduced the measure, said it grew out of talks with county Inspector General Mark Griffin. The changes are intended to give potential whistleblowers more comfort in coming forward with complaints, Miller said.

Money in a tip jar.
Miguel A. Padrinan / Pexels

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, Ohio’s lowest paid workers will have a special reason to celebrate. 

City leaders reveal the results of a small business assessment.
Adora Namigadde / WOSU

Columbus officials on Wednesday shared the results of an assessment of small business economic development in the city.

Christopher Columbus statue in front of Columbus City Hall.
Gabe Rosenberg / WOSU

Columbus City Council won’t hold its regular hearing Monday evening, but members are hosting a series of public hearings this week to touch base with residents ahead of the New Year.

Debbie Holmes

In Clintonville, a 100-year-old pin oak tree towers in front of Maureen Keyhani’s home on Arden Road. The tree sits in what is called a curb lawn between the sidewalk and the curb, and its knotted roots extend to the street.

Keyhani and her neighbors love the tree, so it was a surprise when Keyhani received a notice that the city of Columbus wanted to cut it down.

More Of Ohio's Small Villages Are Voting To Disband

Nov 4, 2019
Aesopposea / Wikimedia Commons

A recent analysis has found a rising number of small towns in Ohio have disbanded in recent years.

Michael Wuensch / Pixabay

After less than a year and a handful of transactions, the website that was allowing Ohioans to pay taxes in bitcoin has been shut down by state treasurer Robert Sprague.

The Politics Of Impeachment

Oct 1, 2019
U.S. Capital Building

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced plans last week to focus an impeachment inquiry on efforts by President Donald Trump and others to pressure for Ukrainian interference in the 2020 election.

It marks the fourth time in history that the U.S. House of Representatives has launched an impeachment inquiry into a sitting president.

Today on All Sides with Ann Fisher, the history of impeachment, what it means and what the process involves.



Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Sep 30, 2019
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder said last week that his GOP caucus will take a close look at Gov. Mike DeWine’s gun control proposal when it is introduced. 

But Householder was critical of DeWine’s version of a so-called "red flag" law. DeWine has said he won’t abandon ship on the plan. 

Coming up on the All Sides with Ann Fisher Weekly Reporter Roundtable, the debate over gun control in Ohio, and more.



    A new 20,000-seat stadium for the Columbus Crew SC is being proposed for the Arena District.
    City Of Columbus

    Columbus City Council returns Monday night after a month off. Council members will consider a string of new borrowing proposals and the creation of a community authority charged with overseeing development near the proposed Crew SC stadium.

    Young People And Voting

    Aug 30, 2019
    Voting booths / Flickr

    Ohioans ages 18-29 showed up at the polls for the midterm elections last year, increasing their turnout by roughly 16% from the previous midterms in 2014.  

    But their Baby Boomer counterparts are still more likely to cast a ballot.

    Today on All Sides with Ann Fisher: mobilizing the youth vote.  



    The children of some U.S. military members and government workers overseas will have a harder time getting citizenship under a Trump administration policy announced Wednesday.

    The changes will affect a relatively small number of people. But the announcement touched off widespread confusion and outrage — with immigrant and veterans' advocates questioning why the administration would change the rules for people who are serving their country.

    Weekly Reporter Roundtable

    Aug 26, 2019
    The Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus.

    Gov. Mike DeWine reiterated his stance on executions, saying the state’s current lethal injection protocol will not be used and Ohio needs to find another process.

    However, DeWine’s office has given what some call mixed messages, as news state lawyers told the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals that executions were still on the table.

    Today on our weekly reporter roundtable, the death penalty and more politics news.



    Ohio Supreme Court Gavel statue
    Flickr /

    The Ohio Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that government bodies cannot do public business with a secret ballot.