government shutdown

10:00 The government is shut down, at least partially. House Republicans insist the new spending bill contain anti-Obamacare measures, and Democrats are insistent that it not. This hour we'll examine this deja vu moment, and discuss what happens to employees, services, and the economy when Washington turns off the lights. Guests

What’s next in Washington after Republicans and Democrats have arrived at a budget deal that cuts $38 billion from current spending levels, and keeps the federal government in business for the remainder of the fiscal year. Both sides want to seize the momentum and we’ll hear more about their plans in a conversation with Cleveland Plain Dealer Washington Bureau Chief Stephen Koff. Starting at 20 minutes into the program we turn to another, less acrimonious conversation, that of the birds in spring. birding expert Bill Thompson shares his insights and fields your questions.

With a possible government shutdown now just a day away, federal lawmakers from Ohio Thursday offered a look into the partisan budget battle. Speaking on WOSU's All Sides, Republican Representative Pat Tiberi and Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown echoed many of the same arguments heard in Washington lately. Democrats have criticized for Republicans for stalemating and trying to force a shutdown, and they've lashed out at the GOP for continually asking for more cuts. But Tiberi says they're against this deadline because the Senate hasn't passed a spending plan.