The Ohio Supreme Court says a state law capping damages in sex-abuse cases is constitutional. That means a 15-year-old Delaware County girl raped by her pastor in 2008 will get a quarter of a million dollars – not the $3.5 million the jury awarded her family. 

The girl’s lawyer had argued the $250,000 cap is unconstitutional, especially when it comes to underage victims of sex crimes. But a majority of the court agreed those caps on non-injury cases passed by state lawmakers in 2005 are constitutional. 

Esther Honig

After more than a hundred years of producing milk, meat and produce, this fall marks the last season for Ohio’s prison farms. State prison officials surprised many people earlier this year when they said they planned to shut down all 10 prison farms by the end of 2016. It might have been unexpected, but the decision follows similar moves in other states.

State Lawmakers Move To Create Roadblock For Pot Activists

Jun 17, 2015
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Republican leaders in the Ohio House are moving quickly to make it harder for supporters of legalizing marijuana to put it before Ohio voters in November.

Unveiling Edison: One Man’s Journey to Bring His Hero to Capitol Hill

May 21, 2015
State leaders gather at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus to unveil the statue of Thomas Edison which will be on display in Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C.
Andy Chow

A major piece of Ohio history has been unveiled in the state’s capital. People can now catch a statue of Thomas Edison before it moves to Washington, D.C. The statue is largely the result of one man’s tireless endeavor.