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Automation is overtaking once reliable jobs in a number of industries, and these trends are changing the ways parents and educators prepare children to develop career interests and enter the workforce. Email tracking allows providers to collect a variety of information on your web activity.

Then, Russell Holly gives his picks for some of the best holiday tech gifts for teens in 2017.

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The FCC headed back to court recently to defend the latest set of regulations imposed against broadband providers regarding net neutrality. In 2014, over 12 million US consumers fell victim to identity fraud. Phishing scams, hacking, and mass data breaches a few of the methods thieves use to steal your data. Join us this hour for a discussion about how to make sure your data stays in the right hands, as well as a gift guide for adults. 

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Over 93 million selfies are taken on a daily basis, and while it is sometimes criticized as a symbol of our own narcissistic desires, some say it's a sign of ambition. Join us this hour for a discussion about the deeper meaning behind selfies as well as a special gadget gift guide for teens.