German Village

Archival photo of German Village street.
German Village Society

Columbus’s historic German Village neighborhood certainly has its fair share of stately mansions, but the area is better known for its small “cozy” brick cottages.

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Update 7:40 a.m. Tuesday

Columbus City Council on Monday approved an ordinance to toughen rules for street parking around the city.

Columbus, Ohio skyline
Rfgagel / Wikimedia Commons

The city of Columbus celebrated its 207th anniversary on Februrary 14. We take pride in our city and its history, and we’re always hungry to learn more about our home.

That hometown pride is evident in questions we receive for WOSU’s Curious Cbus project. You ask the questions and vote for your favorites, and we investigate them. We’ve reported on butter sculptures, streetcars, the ZIP code 43210, Mound Street and more.

In Columbus’ German Village neighborhood, a pair of developers plans to tear down an old foundry to make way for condos and single family housing.  The German Village Commission has opposed the plan, but the developers believe their plan will bolster the neighborhood’s character.

11:00 Our very own German Village is known nationally for its transformation, preservation and revitalization in the 1970s. Supporters of Franklinton are hoping for this same reaction to their revitalization efforts. On this hour, we'll talk about historic preservation across the country and in Columbus. Guests

German Village Town Hall Meeting

Nov 17, 2010

Listen to coverage of a German Village town hall meeting.