Cars in traffic at night
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Planning Commission / Flickr Creative Commons

Close to two million Ohioans will hit the road for Thanksgiving to visit family and friends. That's more than any Thanksgiving since 2007.

Anti-Ethanol Ad Angers Ohio Farmers

Nov 12, 2015
Flickr / Creative Commons

Ohio’s corn and ethanol industry is fighting back at ads it says are misleading and funded by big oil.

Ohio Gas Prices Continue Downward Slide

Sep 26, 2011

Ohio gas prices continue their downward slide. The latest weekly survey from Triple A lists the state’s average price for regular-grade gasoline at $3.32 a gallon…that’s down 17 cents from last Monday and more than 30 cents from two weeks ago. Concerns about the global economy led to tumbling oil prices last week, and some analysts say that could push gas prices even lower over the next month.