Gardening Tips

May 6, 2016

There's always work to be done in the garden and more to learn about how to take care of and beautify it. This hour Ohio's Garden Sage, Debra Knapke, talks about the best plants to grow this time of year and how to best maintain them. 

Spring Gardening

Mar 25, 2016
Oatsy40 / Flickr

Spring is officially here and with the warmer weather, many are looking to grow and beautify their gardens. From all the different pollinator plants to the best spring vegetables, there is a great deal to do in the garden this time of year. 

11:00 Trolls no longer just lurk under bridges and harass billy goats; these days they lurk on the internet and sue companies for patent infringement. This hour, we'll learn what the FTC is doing to stop patent trolls from preying on technology companies. We'll also hear about a new app to help beginning gardeners, and we'll get the latest gadget news from our tech expert. Guests

Gardening with Debra Knapke

Sep 6, 2011

With summer on it's way out and fall just around the corner, what is the best solution to keeping your garden perfect? Guest:

  • Debra Knapke, Garden designer, lecturer, teacher, and advisor

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Learn how to make your garden look spectacular this summer with help from Ohio's 'Garden Sage' Debra Knapke.  Summer is great for planting all sorts of plants, flowers and vegetables.  Figure out what you should be pruning and how to handle the high humidity this hour on All Sides. Debra is on the faculty at Columbus State Community College where she teaches about Herbaceous Plants, Specialty Gardens and Sustainable Landscape Practices and Design.

Landscaping with Native Ohio Plants

Jan 28, 2010

Using Ohio native plants in residential landscaping, with Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District habitat conservationist Stephanie Suter, urban conservationist Martha Gilson and The Columbus Dispatch home and garden editor Cindy Decker.