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Tuesday afternoon, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the indictment of 19 Columbus men associated with the Crips gang.

Over the summer, police and immigration agents were convinced a 16-year-old teen in Brentwood, Long Island, was a member of the violent, multinational gang known as MS-13.


The teen had been spotted various places — at school, in a car, and walking home with people police believe are MS-13 gang members. And police said the teen scribbled the numbers 503 in a school notebook. It's the international calling code for El Salvador, where he's from, but police consider it a gang symbol.

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Pop culture often helps perpetuate stereotypes about gay men and about gang members, and virtually none of those stereotypes overlap. That’s what Vanessa Panfil says led her to spend more than a year researching the lives of gay gang members in Columbus.

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Thirteen alleged members of the MS-13 gang were arrested in Central Ohio and Indiana on Tuesday morning.

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On Monday, the Pike County Sheriff's Office issued a warning that the international crime gang MS-13 is planning to arrive in the county this weekend. In the warning, the Sheriff asserted that the gang was planning on spreading heroin in the area, as well as accosting people who have informed on them.

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Police in Cincinnati have announced a new strategy that will focus on geographic areas of the city where gangs and groups are behind the gun violence authorities are trying to reduce.