Public investment in HIV/AIDS research drove decades of progress that transformed the lives of individuals living with the chronic disease, how will proposed budget cuts effect the road to a cure? A new study indicates that children who spend more time playing outside are at lower risk of developing sight problems later in life.

Then, author Ann Kaiser Stearns joins us to discuss how more and more Americans are adapting to their role as caretakers of aging family members.

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May 8, 2017
Ohio Statehouse in Columbus
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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine rejected a draft summary creating a bipartisan panel in charge of drawing state congressional district lines. Nationally, House Republicans have passed Trump's new proposed health-care bill, which moves on to the Senate. If approved by the Senate, Ohio schools could loses millions in Medicaid funding dedicated to special education services. 

Today we discuss the new health-care bill, the shutdown of re-drawing congressional districts and the latest in state and national news with a panel of reporters. 

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Planned Parenthood is suing Ohio's health department over a law designed to strip government money from the organization's affiliates in the state.

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Central Ohio public health advocates gained some political support on Monday to keep funding intact for a children’s health insurance program.

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown visited a south side health center to promote continued federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. It helps low income workers purchase health care for their children.

“These are parents who make $9, and $10, $11 an hour whose employers don’t offer health insurance and who don’t make enough money themselves to pay for it,” Brown said.

Transportation Funding Crisis in Ohio

Feb 1, 2012

10:00 State officials warned last summer that funding for new highway projects in Ohio was becoming scarce, but they didn't specify just how scarce. As the gas tax revenue declines annually, costs of major road projects are still climbing. But how does ODOT fix the problem? And is this happening in other states? On this hour of "All Sides," we're talking about the future in funds for ODOT. Guests

By 2030, central Ohio's population over 50 will grow an anticipated 90%. Communities have to start planning ahead. With aging populations and more residents, it's important for cities and towns to consider making their environments 'friendly' to people in all stages of life. This hour, join guest host, Steve Brown, as we talk more about planning for lifelong communities in Central Ohio. What social services and support should be provided for an aging population? How will the physical planning change in re-working street design, or zoning codes? How will work force planning function?