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The dance group Dance Elite Performance Academy performs at a Juneteenth celebration.
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As hundreds of Columbus residents celebrated Juneteenth on the city’s East Side, the city government moved to formally recognize June 19 as a holiday.

Manhole cover
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Franklin County Commissioners vote Tuesday on raising rates for sewer and water customers. 

Weinland Park homes

Franklin County Commissioners are planning to put an additional $65 million into affordable housing efforts over the next 10 years.

The Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, Ohio.
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The Franklin County Board of Commissioners renewed funding Tuesday for prison and jail diversion programs.

City of Columbus

The Columbus City Council voted Monday night on the final passage of a plan for a new Columbus Crew arena and the redevelopment of MAPFRE Stadium.

Forward Cities Local Director L.C. Johnson speaking next to the organization's CEO Christopher Gergen.
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Franklin County commissioner Kevin Boyce says that well-off neighborhoods boast more resources available to get a new business off the ground.

A new 20,000-seat stadium for the Columbus Crew SC is being proposed for the Arena District.
City Of Columbus

On Tuesday, the Franklin County Commission votes on the final piece of a public funding package for Confluence Village—the Arena District development that will serve as the Columbus Crew’s new home. 

dying cornstalks
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The Franklin County Board of Commissioners votes this week on a measure that would pay farmers not to cut down some of their cornstalks. The plant material can serve as a natural barrier to keep snow off of roadways.

Poll workers at the Franklin County Elections Board handing voters their ballots.
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The Franklin County Commission plans to spend $245,000 on ads for early voting. The board of elections has done that in the past, but Republican board members argue it’s no longer necessary.

Franklin County Commissioners have approved a new paid family leave policy. About 1,400 workers in Franklin County can now get two weeks of their normal pay when taking time off under the family leave program. 

Adora Namigadde

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution to make a temporary quarter-cent sales tax permanent.

Local Leaders Head To Washington For White House Meeting

Aug 29, 2017
White House
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More than 80 county commissioners and other local officials from around Ohio are anticipated at a White House meeting aimed at building stronger relationships between President Donald Trump and U.S. communities.

Faced with cuts in state aid and the need for new facilities, Franklin County officials Tuesday voted to increase the county's portion of the sales tax. By unanimous vote, commissioners raised the rate point-5 percent. The increase will put Franklin County's combined sales tax at 7.5 percent. It would take effect January 1st. This is the first sale tax increase in eight years. Commissioners pledged in 2005 not impose another hike for six years. To break down the increase, .25 percent is permanent and will be used for operating revenue.