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The coronavirus outbreak has already led Georgia and Louisiana to postpone upcoming primary elections, but leaders in four states — Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio — that vote on Tuesday say they will continue as planned.

Community Banks In Ohio

Mar 11, 2020
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The number of local banks in Ohio has been cut in half since the 1990s.

In their absence, people are turning to online banking options, but unreliable internet leaves a void in many rural communities.

Secretary LaRose (right) showing a resident the new machine at National Church Residences in Columbus.
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With one week until the Ohio primary, the state’s boards of elections are moving 128 polling places at nursing homes and senior residential facilities over concerns about coronavirus.

Ohio I Voted Stickers
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The Ohio elections chief says nearly 150,000 absentee ballots have been requested with about three weeks to go before the state's March 17 presidential primary. 

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Voting rights advocates, computer security experts and some county elections officials gathered at the Ohio Statehouse for a cybersecurity initiative. And some say they feel like they have the information they need to protect Ohio’s upcoming primary.

The early voting center at the Franklin County Board of Elections in Columbus.
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The state’s chief elections officer is criticizing President Trump and other key figures for sharing rumors and false information related to voting, recently about the Iowa caucuses but going all the way back to the 2016 election.

This comes as Ohioans prepare to start early voting in two weeks for the presidential primary in March.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose and board of elections officials at his press event on February 5, 2020.
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Franklin County is among the 90% of Ohio counties considered compliant with the Secretary of State’s order to improve election security. Just eight counties are considered incomplete, with two weeks until voters start casting early ballots for the March presidential primary.

Ohio I Voted Stickers
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The Iowa Democratic Caucus failed to produce results on Monday night due to what state party officials cited as "inconsistencies with the reports." As Ohio prepares for its primary in March, the state's top elections official is assuring people that Ohio's system is set up to avoid this type of problem.

Top election officials from all 50 states are meeting in Washington this week to prepare for 2020 — a gathering amid widespread concern over whether the upcoming elections will be fair and accurate, as well as free of the kind of foreign interference that marred the 2016 campaign.

Ohio Sec. of State Frank LaRose is implementing a new voter registration form for Ohioans who are about to be removed from the rolls.
Ohio Senate

Legislation meant to improve Ohio’s defenses against cybersecurity attacks goes into effect Friday.

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The FBI says it plans to warn state and local election officials if it discovers cyberattacks this year. It hopes the new policy will build new bridges to more authorities involved with election security.

The federal government has been criticized for poor communication with election officials during and since the Russian attack on the presidential election in 2016.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is ordering county elections officials to be on guard for the possibility of a cyber attack from Iran after entities have seen an increase in suspicious cyber activity around the country.

Democratic presidential candidate entrepreneur Andrew Yang responds to questions following a Democratic presidential primary debate at Otterbein University, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019, in Westerville.
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Two of the Democrats and one Republican running for president have failed to be certified for Ohio's spring primary ballot. One will be a write-in candidate though. 

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose says the state’s voting systems are secure and ready for 2020. But Jen Miller of the League of Women Voters is concerned about voter turnout.

Ohio I Voted Stickers
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The state attorney general and several county prosecutors will be reviewing cases of potential voter fraud where people are accused of casting a vote in a different state then casting another in Ohio.