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A day after flames leaped through Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris sparking fears the beloved building could be consumed, Parisians sang and prayed in processions through the streets and held vigils Tuesday evening close to the church constructed more than eight centuries ago.

The cathedral stood blackened with much of its roof gone, its spire collapsed and charred rubble inside, but it remained standing, its main structure and two towers spared.

Travel Tips With Rick Steves

Mar 28, 2019
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The French government has proposed making 15 the age of consent for sex after two high-profile cases in which men escaped rape convictions despite having intercourse with 11-year-old girls.

It would be a first for France, which does not currently have an age of consent.

While the punishment for rape when a victim is younger than 15 carries a heftier penalty under French law (20 years), prosecutors must prove that the sex was forced.

This time of year, the stands at Paris' hundreds of weekly food markets are laden with plump, dark grapes and wild mushrooms. Wild game often hangs from hooks above.

Of all the seasons to visit Paris, food lovers say the best time is autumn.

"The fall is the best time to eat in France," says longtime Paris resident and culinary historian David Downie. "Everyone knows that. It's when everything comes in. It's the harvest season."

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Emmanuel Macron — an independent centrist who has never held elected office — has won a resounding victory over far-right, nationalist Marine Le Pen in the most important French presidential race in decades.

According to the French Interior Ministry and multiple news outlets, Macron won with near 66 percent of the vote over Le Pen's just over 34 percent.

Kasich Calls For NATO Help For France

Nov 16, 2015
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Ohio Gov. and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich is calling for action in the wake of the Friday terror attacks in Paris. 

Paris during World War II

Apr 2, 2015

11am In June of 1940, months after the commencement of war between France and the Third Reich, German forces rolled into Paris. It was an uneasy occupation that lasted until 1944. This hour, we look at the "City of Light" under Nazi control. Guests

  • Ronald Rosbottom, author of When Paris Went Dark: The City of Light Under German Occupation, 1940-1944

Event Ronald Rosbottom will be at the Bexley Public Library on April 18th at 4pm.