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As of Monday, more than 600 people have filed complaints against a Chipotle in Powell, Ohio. 

Last week, the fast-casual Mexican restaurant began receiving hundreds of complaints that the restaurant’s food was making people sick. 

Two lawsuits have since been filed. 

Today on Wellness Wednesday we discuss ways to protect yourself against food-borne illness, as well as why variety in workout and recovery routines benefits health.


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While only one out of every hundred people are said to have celiac disease, around 25-30 percent of Americans are buying gluten free food. This hour, we'll discuss the health affects associated with a gluten free life. Also, what women can expect during menopause and what the new nutrition fact label approved by the FDA means for consumers.    

11:00 Look at the nutrition label on a pint of ice cream, and you'll see it contains four servings. But has anyone eaten just one serving? This hour we'll talk about the FDA's new proposed food labels, which include more realistic serving size info, and a host of other changes. We'll also learn about yoga as medicine, and how to communicate with an MD. Guests