Folk Ohio

Folk Ohio - Columbus Baker Uses Opera As Inspiration

Jun 15, 2016
Rachel Hopkin / OSU Center for Folkore Studies

A popular Columbus baker was once popular for another reason: He was an opera singer. As part of WOSU's occasional series "Folk Ohio," Rachel Hopkin from OSU's Center for Folklore Studies introduces us to Jonas Laughlin, who turned one passion into another.                                                                                                   



Jonas Laughlin creams the butter and the sugar for layers of a cake.

Folk Ohio - Mansfield Firm Keeps Carousel Craftsmanship Alive

May 6, 2016
Rachel Hopkin / OSU Center for Folklore Studies

The centuries old craft of wood carousel carving lives on in Ohio.  A family owned company is keeping alive the timeless craftsmanship of hand carved horses and other merry-go-round pieces.