Flowers: Gardening, Design and Floriculture

Jul 27, 2017
3dman_eu / Pixabay

Flowers make any space look beautiful, but they require a lot of care throughout the gardening season. A gardener has to fend off weeds, control diseases, mulch and apply fertilizer. And those are just a few of the tasks.

Broadcasting from the 2017 Ohio State Fair, we are talking all things flowers, from gardening to design to floriculture.  

Frozen Peas: Preparing the Winter Garden

Nov 4, 2013

10:00 These days a lot of folks are starting to tuck their gardens in for the winter. After all, the flowers are already in beds. But late fall doesn't have to mean lights out for all plants. Some vegetables even thrive in frosty temperatures. This hour we'll talk about how to keep greenery in your life year round, and why now is the right time to plan for spring (yes, spring)! Guests:

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Gardening with Debra Knapke

Sep 6, 2011

With summer on it's way out and fall just around the corner, what is the best solution to keeping your garden perfect? Guest:

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Living with Nature, with Julie Zickefoose

Jun 13, 2011

Summer is a time to get outside and see what the natural surroundings have to offer.  We'll talk about what you can be doing outside and what natural elements (flowers, birds etc.) you should be looking to spot. Guest:

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