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The Steubenville Rape Case And Toxic Masculinity

Jun 28, 2019
Keith Srakocic / Associated Press

In 2012, two high school football players raped an unconscious underage girl. By the next morning, hundreds of texts and social-media posts crisscrossed the eastern Ohio community of Steubenville. 

Many of the posts included photographs of the girl, which crossed the line into child pornography.

The case attracted worldwide attention and prompted conversations across the country about the misogynistic atmosphere of Steubenville. 

Today on All Sides, we revisit the story and the lessons with documentary filmmaker Nancy Schwartzman. Her new film “Roll Red Roll” premiered Jun 17th on PBS.

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WarnerMedia, Walt Disney Co. and NBCUniversal will consider stopping productions in Georgia should the state's new abortion law take effect, echoing a threat made this week by Netflix.

WarnerMedia, which owns HBO, CNN and other channels, told NPR in a statement on Thursday, "We will watch the situation closely and if the new law holds we will reconsider Georgia as the home to any new productions." The company said it operates in many states and countries where it may not agree with leaders' stances but respects due process.

Doris Day, the biggest Hollywood star produced by Cincinnati, died Monday at her California home at age 97.

Born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff, she overcame a severe leg injury as a teenager which ended her promising dancing career to star in 39 films, record "Sentimental Journey," "Que Sera Sera," and hundreds of songs, and enjoy a five-year run in The Doris Day Show situation comedy on CBS.

color photo of Ohio Theatre interior with Morton organ console
D.R. Goff / Columbus Association for the Performing Arts

Fifty years ago, Columbus came this close to losing its beloved Ohio Theatre to the wrecking ball and rendering the theater’s Mighty Morton organ homeless.

This Sunday you can raise your voice along with the organ called “the voice of the Ohio Theatre” in a sing-along marking the 50th anniversary of what, in February 1969, was billed as the final performance in the Ohio Theatre and the subsequent founding of the theater’s owner, the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, CAPA.

America's Greatest Films

Dec 25, 2018

The American Film Institute every year since 1998 has released its take on the 100 greatest American films of all time. The list has changed over time, with some films dropped only to regain a slot years later.  Today on All Sides, we talk about what makes an American film great. 

Crazy Rich Asians

Aug 28, 2018
Color Force and Anchor Canada / Slate

Crazy Rich Asians is the first Hollywood movie in 25 years to feature an all Asian cast. The last film to hold this title was the 1993 movie The Joy Luck Club. 

The film follows a Chinese-American economics professor, played by Constance Wu, as she travels to Singapore with her boyfriend and meets his exceedingly wealthy family. 

The film made more than $25 million in North American theaters during its opening weekend, finishing at No. 1 in box offices, beating out films such as The Meg and Mile 22

I expect you'll be wanting to know whether Mr. Rogers was really like that in life. According to Won't You Be My Neighbor? Morgan Neville's loving portrait of the much-beloved champion of slow television for children, the answer is yes, but it's complicated. Which is just what you want from a tender tribute that's anything but a hagiography of the ordained Presbyterian minister who took the pie-in-the-face out of TV-for-tots.

International Sports Film Festival of Ohio / Facebook

The International Sports Film Festival of Ohio kicks off at the Gateway Film Center this weekend. The global tour starts in Qatar, with the documentary "The Workers Cup" on Thursday.

Anthony Anderson and Tom Voss from the documentary Almost Sunrise.
ALMOST Sunrise

In July, a northeast Ohio man killed himself inside the Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic in Warren, while he was there for an appointment. His wife says he was a 23-year veteran of the Air Force Reserves who suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder.

There are concerns for the 850,000 veterans in Ohio, some of whom may be struggling with PTSD as well. A new documentary hopes to bring attention to the issue, and help to those who need it.

Filmmaking and Art by Inmates Behind Bars

Aug 31, 2017
Alex Van / Pixabay

An innovative project worked with incarcerated women at the Dayton Correctional Institution to write and direct their own short films. The shorts will be shown next month at the Wexner Center.

Today we'll look at programs aimed at creating self-expression for those behind bars and the effects the programs have. 

Asian Representation in American Film and TV

Aug 9, 2017

Though some progress has been made in minority representation in movies and television, Hollywood still has far to go when it comes to Asian characters and stories. We look at the whitewashing of Asians in the media and the persistence of Asian stereotypes.

The Enduring Appeal of Superheroes

Aug 7, 2017
marvelousRoland / Flickr

Flying. Extreme Speed. Super strength. Abilities like these make superheroes superhuman. Thanks to advancements in special effects, superheroes are more appealing than ever and comics are garnering more attention due to it. Films and comics are working to expand and diversify their audience, but ultimately what draws us to superheroes may not be superhuman at all.

Today we're talking about the enduring appeal of superheroes, why we love them and how companies are working to expand their popularity with different strategies, including diversity. 

Columbus BIFF

On Friday night, the first Columbus Black International Film Festival kicks off, including 28 screenings, a film-making workshop, and an award ceremony over the course of three days.

A film set for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" in Cleveland.
Wikimedia Commons

Columbus filmmakers are frustrated with the uneven distribution of tax credits this fiscal year. With 75 percent of the credits going to just two projects in Cleveland, leaders in the Central Ohio film industry are asking the state to consider changing the rules. 

Women in Film

Jun 12, 2017
Warner Brothers

Wonder Woman has taken the box office by storm, grossing $103.3 million in its opening weekend. Critics have long pointed out that women are underrepresented both in front of and behind the camera, but Wonder Woman’s success is being lauded as a big gain in an industry increasingly dominated by big budget superhero action movies.

 What does the success of the film mean for women in the film industry? Join us today as we talk about women in film.