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Columbus police say a woman who fell out of a third story window at a sorority house near the Ohio State University campus, early this morning, is expected to survive. 


Observing Our Natural World

Oct 20, 2015
Ken Thomas / Wikimedia Commons

The last of the warblers may be packing their bags and heading south, but it’s not too late to check out Ohio’s feathered friends. In fact, fall is an important time for feeding backyard birds who need energy for migration. This hour, we’ll talk about the best ways to watch local birds, and the wonders of observing wildlife across the world.

Backyard Astronomy and Stargazing

Oct 20, 2015
Halfblue / Wikimedia Commons

Whether you're a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, fall is the best time to be an astronomer. With water on Mars, meteor showers in November, and a supermoon in October, now is a great time to explore the night sky. Join us this hour for more information about stargazing and how to be a better astronomer. 

End of the Season Gardening Tips

Oct 5, 2015
hardworkinghippy / Flickr

Fall is here but that doesn't mean there isn't gardening work to do. This is an important time to prepare our gardens for winter and ensure a fertile and fruitful spring. This hour, a closer look at how to put garden beds to rest for the season. 

Bird Watching, Feeding, and Migration

Oct 1, 2015
Rodney Campbell / Flickr

In 2011, a survey revealed that roughly 46 million Americans are regular bird-watchers. Bird-watching has become the second fastest growing hobby in the United States and with the fall migration among us, there are many tips and tricks you need to know to become a better bird-watcher. 

Heads Up: A Guide to the Fall Sky

Oct 15, 2013

10:00 Astronomer Tom Burns has some advice: Look up! The night sky is full of activity this season, and it's not just Orion's time to shine. This fall brings a bright showing from Capella, and may sound a death knell for quirky comet ISON.   This hour of All Sides, we'll learn more about which little stars are twinkling and when to bust out the binoculars. Guest

10:00 Fall is the season of the tree. It’s the right time to plant. It’s the right time to enjoy the changing colors. It’s the right time to count the trees. Coming up on All Sides, we'll be talking about the importance of the trees that we take for granted. Guests:

All Sides Weekend: Fall Films

Sep 23, 2011

11:00 Fall movie season has officially begun. What movies are you looking forward to seeing this fall? Join WOSU Midday Host Amy Juravich in a discussion with prominent film critics about upcoming films. Guests:

  • Hope Madden (The Other Paper Film Critic)
  • Brad Keefe (Columbus Alive Film Critic)
  • Frank Gabrenya (Columbus Dispatch Film Critic)