From 4G on cell phones to free Wi-Fi available in restaurants, connectivity with high reliability and speed is something mobile users have come to expect. Now, Google is working to reach these high speeds through programs like Google Fiber and Google AMP. Join us this hour to hear more about Google's new high speed developments, Facebook's new emoticons and the latest in tech gadgets. 

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Controlling your home's temperature from your phone and receiving cooking tips from your kitchen countertop are just two possibilities offered by so-called smart homes. This hour, we will discuss the gadgets that make homes smart and the future possibilities such technology creates.  Also, how Facebook wants to make the internet available to everyone for worldwide connectivity. But, some are skeptical if this plan is purely philanthropy or if there are ulterior motives at work. 

Tech Tuesday: Virtual Reality, Facebook Feed

Jan 5, 2016
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Virtual reality is becoming more popular and billions are being poured into the growing industry. Coming up, how the trend will continue into the new year.  And Facebook, with it's one billion daily active users, uses an algorithm to control what appears on a user's news feed. This hour, we will discuss why what does, and does not, appear matters. 

11:00 On this hour of Tech Tuesday, we'll talk about Facebook's new IPO status as well as some new Consumer Reports concerns over its Privacy Policy. Then, we'll talk about the latest gadgets on the market. Guests

  • Sarah Kessler (Reporter, Mashable)
  • Jeff Fox (Technology Editor, Consumer Reports)
  • Russell Holly (Tech Blogger, geek.com)


Facebook has acquired Instagram... As the company's largest acquisition yet, what does it mean for the future of Facebook? Then, the Justice Department has launched suits against major eBooks providers for price fixing... What will this mean in the future of prices for eBooks? And finally, we'll talk about new ways to watch movies, Google's Project Glass and more.


11:00 Some employers are beginning to demand personal Facebook passwords from the applicants for their jobs, in order to even be considered as a candidate. Then, what is the Supertooth Disco? And finally, what is Google Voice and how do you use it to your advantage? That and much more on this hour of Tech Tuesday. What would you say if your employer demanded your Facebook password? Would you give it to them? Has your employer asked this of you? Join the conversation on this hour of "All Sides." Guests

Tech Tuesday: Changes to Facebook

Oct 4, 2011

11:00 Facebook is always changing. The most recent changes, mostly to privacy settings, are getting mixed reviews. How do you feel about them? Call in on this hour of All Sides and let us know what you think. Guests:

  • Betsy Hubbard (social media consultant, Co-Founder of Mindset Digital)
  • Debra Jasper (social media consultant, Co-Founder of Mindset Digital)

11:40 In this segment, Consumer Reports tells us about a new energy and money-saving light bulb. Guest:

Websites are silently filtering the information that they share with internet consumers. With equations and mathematics, an online history is analyzed, and now sites like Facebook and Google send information your way that caters to your personal interest and may include more relevant searches. Today on All Sides with Ann Fisher, we’ll talk with Eli Pariser, author of the book, “The Filter Bubble, What the Internet is Hiding from You,â€? to discuss the implication of these filters and how to handle life in this “filter bubble.â€? Guest:

11:00... The latest about the Columbus casino deal. 11:20... Admitting to crimes in the virtual world can lead to very real consequences of imprisonment. This segment, we'll focus on catching criminals using social media; how Columbus City Attorney Richard Pfeiffer Jr. arrested a top graffiti artist with Facebook and Twitter. 11:40… Governor Kasich's budget proposes cuts and limitations on Ohio’s utility watchdog, the Ohio Consumers' Counsel (OCC). We'll discuss what these cuts will entail for the OCC and in turn, Ohio. Guests:

In a recent appearance on NBC’s Today Show, First Lady Michelle Obama was asked by Matt Lauer about whether or not her daughters Sasha and Malia were allowed to have a Facebook page. Her answer: “No, they don’t need it.â€? How much of technology do we really need? It’s hard to avoid the constant disruptions of cell phones, emails, Facebook and Twitter. Cell phones were constructed with the intent of liberating us from the distance constraints of the land-line telephone.

New Media and Journalism

Mar 18, 2010

The impact of new media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and the future of journalism, with The Ohio State University Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs journalism director Debra Jasper and associate director Betsy Hubbard.

New Media Revolution Lost Causes

Oct 12, 2009

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