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Wellness Wednesday: Sunscreen And Skin Protection

May 8, 2019

A new study out of the Food and Drug Administration found that the chemicals in top sunscreen brands seep through the skin and into the bloodstream.

The FDA says the preliminary study will pave the way for future research into the harmful chemicals in sunscreen.

Today on Wellness Wednesday, sunscreen and skin protection, and more.

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Columbus Public Health is holding an event today providing the basics of drug addiction in the African American community.

Minorities are 13 times more likely to use drugs more than Caucasians, according to the American Addiction Centers.

Today on All Sides, drugs in the African American community, exercise and age and more.


Exercise is good for muscle, heart and mental health.  A recently published study in Lancet Psychiatry says that there might be a point of diminishing returns, however, when it comes to mental wellbeing and exercise.  Today on Wellness Wednesday, we discuss the links between exercise and mental health.  

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As of Monday, more than 600 people have filed complaints against a Chipotle in Powell, Ohio. 

Last week, the fast-casual Mexican restaurant began receiving hundreds of complaints that the restaurant’s food was making people sick. 

Two lawsuits have since been filed. 

Today on Wellness Wednesday we discuss ways to protect yourself against food-borne illness, as well as why variety in workout and recovery routines benefits health.



There have been many studies conducted on how to best recover after exercising, but questions remain as to whether post-workout activities actually provide results or if we just think we feel better from them. Join us for a conversation with an expert on the topic.

We will also take a peek into Clintonville's health-friendly fast casual spot, Pocket Produce, and then step into space with a look at what happens to the human body beyond the Earth.

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While the number of minorities living in the U.S. is expected to exceed 50 percent by 2044, there is a significant lack in representation of these communities among medical researchers and study participants. Today we look into efforts being made to improve inclusion of minorities in such research, including a new study that will ensure 51 percent of its one million participants come from underrepresented groups.

We then discuss the benefits of exercise on health with New York Times Well Blog columnist Gretchen Reynolds and take a look at women's health ahead of Mother's Day.


The benefits of exercising are plentiful and well known, yet most of us don't do it enough. Many people don't have the time or energy to commit to workout programs, and quit after just a few months. We'll talk about strategies that can help plan and maintain your exercise routine, and reach your fitness goals.

Also, a look at how acts of kindness can have a huge impact on someone dealing with cancer. 

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Exercise is healthy for us due to numerous reasons including raising our metabolism and helping to improve memory. However, much of the struggle of exercising takes place in the brain rather than the body.

Join us today as we discuss the science behind exercise, the minds role in athletics, and the demographics of suicide in the United States. 

Dog owners often say the best thing about dogs is their unconditional love.

But new research suggests there's another benefit, too. Dog owners walk more.

In a study published Monday in the journal BMC Public Health, dog owners on average walked 22 minutes more per day compared to people who didn't own a dog.

And they weren't just dawdling.

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College campuses across the nation have seen a steep rise in students seeking help for mental-health issue. Ohio State has experienced a 43 percent increase in the number of student being treated at the counseling center. Today we are discussing how counseling centers are changing to meet the growing demand.


E-cigarettes are popular among teenagers, but now the Food and Drug Administration is making the purchase of them illegal to anyone under eighteen years old. Also, researchers are exploring the use of virtual reality to help detect sport concussions. And, new research is discovering how much exercise is enough to get results and whether or not exercise trumps nutrition when it comes to preventing obesity. 


This hour, we will take a look at some of the health gadgets of 2016 and the new electronics many are using to stay in shape. Also, how advances in eye surgeries are helping those with cataracts and glaucoma and those needing LASIK. And, how music impacts exercise. 

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Researchers at Ohio State University found that young, unmarried couples living together are just as happy as those who get married. OhioHealth announced on Tuesday that it is working with Columbus fire officials to deploy a specially equipped ambulance to care for stroke patients before they reach a hospital. Two new studies suggest that alcohol consumption might be a good thing because people who drink more also tend to workout more. 

Healthy Food
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For every dietary advice there seems to be equal and opposite advice. Coming up on Wellness Wednesday, a look back at some of our favorite segments. We'll compare six popular diets and look at how they hold up against science. Plus, how new research may help treat eating disorders. 

11:00 Complicated fitness trends can be summed up simply: Move it or lose it. This hour, we'll talk about the scientific evidence behind this advice. Our healthcare system spends trillions on disease treatment, but we'll learn how movement can prevent and treat everything from arthritis to depression to certain kinds of cancer, and best of all, it's free! Guests