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The Ohio State University says a foundation has made a $17 million commitment to set up an entrepreneurship center within the Fischer College of Business.

Tom Manning at the expo.
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The Greater Columbus Convention Center hums as exhibitors put the finishing touches on their booths for the three-day Ohio Entrepreneur Expo.

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After 35 years, the Akron Global Business Accelerator has rebranded itself as Bounce, Akron’s Innovation Hub.

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Columbus may have a growing economy and a relatively low unemployment rate, but that prosperity doesn’t necessarily translate into a high economic quality of life for the city’s immigrant residents.

Burn, Baby, Burn: Women on Fire

Sep 23, 2013

10:00 If you were on fire, what would you do? Stop, drop and roll? This hour's guests say: Let it burn! Finding your life's passion is tough enough, but keeping focused and positive through divorce, illness and layoffs is even harder. We'll discuss ways to stay lit despite rainy days (or years) or threats from wet blankets. Guests