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Elections' Presiding Judges in Short Supply

May 7, 2007

Franklin County has 773,000 registered voters but only 116,000 will be eligible to participate in today's elections. Voters in several of the county's suburban communities will nominate mayors and decide various tax levies. Just last month the Board of Elections was having trouble finding enough presiding judges to work at the polls.

Republican Ken Blackwell and Democrat Ted Strickland recently debated Ohio's economic conditions and outlined their plan for helping Ohio companies and workers. The debate occurred against the backdrop of an unemployment rate that is a full point higher than the national average and the loss of 216,000 manufacturing jobs during the past six. Potential voters through-out Ohio will weigh the economy in their choices on election day. Public Radio stations through-out Ohio, including WOSU, took a sample of voter opinion with several weeks left before election day.

More Choices for Ohio Voters

Aug 25, 2006

The lion's share of news coverage in the Ohio governor's race goes to Republican Ken Blackwell and Democrat Ted Strickland. But Ohio voters will have two additional options on the November ballot. Bob Fitrakis represents the Green Party .and Bill Peirce, represents the Libertarian. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen has an inside look at the Libertarian campaign

Election brings mixed reviews

May 5, 2006

Elections officials in Ohio are calling Tuesday's primary election a success. But as Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports, a post mortem on the elections shows there's room for improvement.

School Board Candidates Face Deadline

Aug 21, 2003

Voters in school districts across Ohio will know Thursday afternoon the candidates in November's contests for local school boards. As the fall contests approach, the role of local boards is changing in the wake of state and federal actions. Rob Delane, director of school board development at the Ohio School Boards Association, says more decisions on curriculum and funding are being taken away from locally elected board members. Ohio measures performance on 22 state standards and requires a series of proficiency tests.