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Voting booths
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Voters in six western Ohio counties vote Tuesday on who will take the congressional seat left vacant by former House Speaker John Boehner.

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U.S. Sen. Rob Portman is flexing his cash advantage over Democratic challenger Ted Strickland by snapping up $14 million of targeted TV time now for ads to air across Ohio through Election Day.

Voting booths
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The state's elections chief is appealing a federal judge's order that required polls in four southwest Ohio counties to stay open for an extra hour during last month's presidential primary.

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Elections officials are starting to send Ohio military and overseas voters their absentee ballots for the swing state's March 15 presidential primary.

Voting booths
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The state’s chief election officer says the time is now to get ready for the role Ohio will play as a battleground presidential state. 

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Polls have opened in Ohio as voters decide on ballot issues including one that would legalize marijuana for both recreational and medical use and one involving a legislative redistricting overhaul.

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The state's elections chief says roughly 149,000 Ohioans have cast their ballots ahead of Tuesday's election and more than 328,000 absentee ballots have been requested.

Early Voting Starts For November Election

Oct 6, 2015
Voting booths
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This fall’s election is officially underway with the start of early in-person voting on Tuesday.

Monday is the deadline to register to vote in Ohio's fall election. Ohioans also have until Monday to update their voter information.

Investigator To Look Into Marijuana Petition Signatures

Jul 30, 2015

The state’s top elections official says the group backing a marijuana legalization plan may be breaking the rules when it comes to gathering signatures for its ballot issue.

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A new independent poll says Ohio voters favor Hillary Clinton over other likely presidential candidates.

The swing state poll by Quinnipiac University says 46 percent of Ohio voters like the Democratic Clinton better than all other candidates. Her closest completion was Republican U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky at 41 percent.

10:00 am Six days may not seem like much, but when elections are involved, every day counts. Several bills aimed at changing voting in Ohio, one of which cuts the early voting period from 35 to 29 days, are up for a vote in the Ohio House next week. This hour, we'll discuss the reasoning behind the proposed changes and how these changes may affect voters. Guests

Columbus City School Levy Follow-Up

Nov 6, 2013

10:00 The Columbus City Schools levy went down hard yesterday, with nearly 70 percent of the voters rejecting the proposed property tax increase. This hour, we look at how the election results will affect Columbus City Schools. Guests

11:00 Voters in Washington, Oregon and Colorado will vote on legalizing marijuana, and those in Maryland and Maine will consider same sex marriage issues. On this hour, we will talk about how those issues pan out in other states could play a role in how Ohio addresses those issues down the road. Guests

11:00 U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown will join guest host Stu Nicholson this hour to talk about the big issues facing our country this year. Guest

  • Sherrod Brown (U.S. Senator, Ohio)