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Weekly Reporter Roundtable: Year in Review

Dec 19, 2016

Join us as we discuss the top news stories of 2016. Our panel of journalists will cover the election, abortion rights, medical marijuana and more.


Emmitt Avenue in Waverly, Ohio.
Aesopposea / Wikimedia Commons

There are two million people living in the 32 counties that make up Appalachian Ohio, and the voters there could play a key role in determining the nation’s next president. 

Steve Brown / WOSU

Donald Trump has said the only way he can lose to Hillary Clinton is through a "rigged" election. He's been telling supporters to stand outside polling places to help identify voter fraud. But when can poll watching become illegal?

A Republican senator from Ohio, who recently rescinded his support for Donald Trump, and his Democratic challenger are set to hold their first debate.

A four-star general from Lorain is among the retired officers who have been making the case for and against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this week. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports.

Gen. Johnnie Wilson is among the 95 generals and admirals who are campaigning for Clinton – going up against the 88 backing Trump. Wilson acknowledges a political role for military retirees is a relatively recent development.

President-elect Donald Trump
Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Donald Trump is headed back to an area of Ohio that may be critical to his campaign. The Republican presidential nominee rallies at Youngstown State University Monday afternoon.

Jo Ingles, Ohio Public Radio

Rallying at Columbus' Fort Hayes High School on Sunday, Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump repaid the "ultimate sacrifice" of a U.S. Army captain killed in Iraq with insults and degrading comments about Muslims, as the soldier's bereaved father pressured Republican Party leaders to distance themselves from the GOP presidential nominee.

Bernie Delegate Worried About Email Scandal Hanging Over "Facade Of Unity"

Jul 26, 2016
Karen Kasler

One Ohio party leader who’s at the DNC as an elected delegate for Bernie Sanders says she’s very worried about the effect of the email scandal involving the outgoing Democratic Party chair.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
New Hampshire Public Radio

Despite an increasing number of campaign stops and television ads, nothing has changed in the race for Ohio’s 18 presidential delegates in the last month.

Ohio Picks the President

Jul 13, 2016

 Since 1896, Ohio voters have failed to favor the next president only twice. Because of this impeccable record, Ohio is often used as a predictor for presidential results and is considered to be an essential state to win in presidential elections. On this show we take a closer look at Ohio's record and why the state is essential to the 2016 election and beyond.  

The Ups and Downs of the 2016 'Veepstakes'

Jul 7, 2016

The presidential race is heating up as rumors increase surrounding potential Vice President nominees. Some believe a more politically correct candidate could help balance Donald Trump's ticket, while a candidate who appeals to young voters could help Hillary Clinton. Explore the Veepstakes this hour on All Sides.

National Elections Expert Offers Suggestions For Ohio

Mar 29, 2016
Voting booths
flickr.com / Flickr

A national author who has compared voting opportunities and limitations in different states throughout the nation says Ohio has room for improvement.

Thomas Bradley / WOSU News

A new independent poll gives John Kasich good and bad news in his bid for president. 

The basic narrative of the fight for the Republican presidential nomination continued Tuesday: Donald Trump won the most delegates, Ted Cruz won a big state, and John Kasich was on the outside looking in.

Election 2016: Local Elections Blog

Mar 15, 2016
Thomas Bradley / WOSU News

Welcome to WOSU's Election 2016: Local Elections Blog! This is your source, updated through the evening, for all local election coverage in Ohio.