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The two year operating budget will move next year’s presidential primary to St. Patrick’s Day. Republicans had to move it to after March 15 so they could award all delegates to a single candidate.

Ohio I Voted Stickers
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Early voting has concluded across Ohio, and turnout has blown past figures for past midterms. 

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More Ohioans requested early absentee ballots for this midterm election than in 2014. But Ohio is behind other states that are seeing record early turnout levels.

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An estimated 1.2 million absentee ballots have been requested and more than 737,000 cast so far in Ohio, according to the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office.

Ohio I Voted Stickers
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Early voting in Ohio started two weeks ago, and the Secretary of State’s office says it’s picking up with two weeks to go until Election Day.

Yes, there are a whole lot of candidates – and both major political parties – who really want you to take advantage of early voting in Ohio.

Ohio I Voted Stickers
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The city of Columbus is jumping into the fray after the Franklin County Board of Elections decided not to advertise for early voting.

Secretary of State Jon Husted drops off absentee ballot at the Franklin County Board of Elections.
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Early voting has been going for a week, and the number of registered voters is the highest it’s been in a decade. Many voters are opting to vote early through absentee ballot. That includes one major statewide official.

Poll workers at the Franklin County Elections Board handing voters their ballots.
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The Franklin County Commission plans to spend $245,000 on ads for early voting. The board of elections has done that in the past, but Republican board members argue it’s no longer necessary.

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Early voting is now underway in Ohio as the registration deadline has passed. Voting starts Wednesday, while Ohio has seen an influx in registered voters.

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A coalition of voting rights groups says reforms are needed to the state’s election process to encourage voting and eliminate problems that keep voters from being able to cast ballots.

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The final early voting numbers before Election Day are in, and Ohio saw larger turnout through absentee ballots than in the last gubernatorial primary.

With less than a week away from Election Day, Ohio voters are on pace for a bigger turnout than the May primary in 2014. 

Secretary of State Jon Husted casts an early in-person absentee ballot at the Franklin County Board of Elections early voting center.
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Ohio voters are a week into early voting for the May primary. They're deciding hundreds of local issues, a major statewide issue on how Congressional maps are drawn and the party candidates for five major statewide offices.

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Monday is the last day to register for Ohio's May primary. Early voting for the primary begins Tuesday.