President Trump signed an executive order Friday that aims to expand offshore drilling for oil and gas, in a move welcomed by the oil and gas industry and greeted with alarm by environmental groups.

"Renewed offshore energy production will reduce the cost of energy, create countless new jobs, and make America more secure and far more energy independent," Trump said before signing the document. He said previous restrictions on exploration and production deprive the U.S. of "potentially thousands and thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in wealth."


Ohio’s government watchdog is recommending changes within the agency that issues permits for oil and gas drilling in Ohio. 

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Crews are working to clean up thousands of gallons of drilling wastewater that spilled into an eastern Ohio reservoir after a truck hauling the toxic water overturned.


State data shows the amount of hydraulic fracturing wastewater pumped underground in Ohio increased by more than 15 percent last year.

Deadline Passes With No Severance Tax Deal

Oct 2, 2015
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Ohio lawmakers missed a hard deadline Thursday to produce a plan to increase the state’s tax on oil and gas. There’s still no report, and top legislative leaders aren’t worried about it.

Secretary Of State: Counties Can't Vote To Ban "Fracking"

Aug 14, 2015

Ohio's elections chief has moved to invalidate ballot proposals in three counties related to the oil- and gas-drilling technique of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.


Plans to allow fracking in Ohio state parks appear to be dead for now after lawmakers removed the provision from a bill making its way through the state legislature.

10:00... New proposals in state legislature allow drilling for oil and gas in Ohio's State Parks, but what about mineral rights? A discussion about who owns these rights, and may have access to these minerals within State Parks. 10:40... There is worry surrounding the more than $400 million in proposed cuts to Ohio nursing homes. Many wonder if these cuts will force nursing homes to reduce staff or possibly close. What is the future of elder care within Ohio now? Will the nursing homes survive, or will there need to be other options available? Guests: