dollar stores

Updated: 11:28 a.m., Thursday, June 18, 2020

Cleveland is temporarily freezing the spread of dollar stores in city neighborhoods.

City council on Wednesday afternoon approved a moratorium on new zoning permits or occupancy licenses for small-box retail. The pause will last until Nov. 1, while the city drafts new regulations for such businesses.

How Dollar Stores Impact Communities

Jul 1, 2019
A dollar store in Dayville, Ct.
JJBers / Flickr

Dollar stores are convenient when you need quick access to toilet paper, snacks, greeting cards, and craft supplies. 

But in some communities, residents are forced to rely on those stores for everything as dollar stores push out competitors.

An ordinance proposed in Cleveland would limit the number of dollar stores in the area. Cleveland is one of the few cities across the country attempting to change dollar store zoning laws.

Today on All Sides, we take a look at how and why cities are looking to limit the reach of the dollar store.

The retail economy in rural America has been rough for decades. But where thousands of stores have closed in recent years, Dollar General is thriving, sometimes at the expense of local shops. Dollar Generals are discount stores that sell goods from hand tools to hot dogs. They're reshaping the retail landscape in small towns. And making lots of friends — and enemies — in the process.