The 2014 suicide of 17-year-old transgender teen Leelah Alcorn put a national spotlight on the issue of conversion therapy, leading Cincinnati Council to ban the practice within the city. At least 11 states have followed suit. A new documentary looks at life after Alcorn's death.

Ramona Isbell

Though she experienced discrimination along the way, Columbus resident Ramona Isbell now laughs about her experiences. In the early 1960s, Isbell was one of several black women who wrestled in Ohio and around the world.  

A documentary film crew is recording interviews with Clevelanders about a violent week in 1968. This summer marks the 50th anniversary of a deadly gun battle in Glenville.  There are different accounts as to what exactly happened, but the filmmakers say they want to make sure the whole story is told for the next generation.

Ken Burns and The Vietnam War

Sep 13, 2017
Ken Burns, Lynn Novick discuss The Vietnam War
Rahoul Ghose / PBS

Acclaimed filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick will premiere The Vietnam War, their latest documentary epic, on WOSU TV September 17th at 8pm. They join us to discuss the film, challenges faced during production, and the timeliness of this particular retrospective today.

Later, author and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Philip Caputo adds to the conversation by looking back at his 1977 memoir, A Rumor of War, an account of his service in the initial stages of the Vietnam War.

44 Pages And 71 Years Of Highlights Magazine

Aug 29, 2017

More than 70 years ago, the most popular children's magazine in the world was born: Highlights. A new documentary explores how the edu-tainment company has grown. Plus we’ll take a look at how childhood learning has evolved from paper to digital.

Ohio's Rape Kit Backlog

Jun 29, 2017
Sgt. Rebecca Linder / Wikimedia Commons

After a sexual assault, victims may be asked or choose to undergo an examination to collect any remaining evidence from the assault. This evidence is then collected into what is called a rape kit. Unfortunately for many victims, thousands of rape kits were not processed due to the cost before the aid of modern techniques. Now, Ohio authorities are working to process all backlogged rape kits. 

Terrell Flucas/Matt Martin

In 2011, the Dayton  Regional Transport Authority went to the suburb of Beavercreek, Ohio, with a seemingly simple request: add an additional three bus stops to an already existing route.

The city council refused, and what followed was a three-year fight that traversed questions of race, privilege, and access. It's the focus of a new documentary, Free to Ride, produced by Ohio State University's Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity.

Five Sisters Productions

For six years, director Gabrielle Burton followed drag performers of all genders in Columbus for her new documentary “Kings, Queens and In-Betweens." The film arrives at a critical moment in gender expression, both in Ohio and in the country at large.

A documentary filmmaker opened a pop-up chicken restaurant in Columbus this weekend that claims to feature “fast food with integrity”. It’ll be open for two more days, to get customer feedback. But it’s unclear whether it is what it seems.


The story of how The Bluegrass Ramble came to WOSU is part of On and On, a new radio documentary about the history of bluegrass music in Columbus. The documentary was first heard on 89.7 NPR News on March 19. You can listen to the full documentary below.

Seymour: an introduction movie poster
IFC Films

I admit that I know who Ethan Hawke is, but nevertheless I did have to wander through Wikipedia and YouTube before writing these lines.

Ethan Hawke is much in the news these days for his work behind the camera. He is the director of a new documentary called Seymour: An Introduction.

Today on All Sides with Ann Fisher we’ll hear powerful stories of the challenges faced by at-risk pregnant women in the developing world, with documentary filmmaker Christy Turlington Burns. The statistics can be staggering: 1000 women a day die from complications related to childbirth. Fashion icon Christy Turlington knows that but for excellent obstetrics team, she could have been a casualty after suffering a complication during the birth of her first child.

On All Sides Weekend with host Amy Juravich: This Sunday marks the 83rd Academy Awards celebration, and we are going to predict the winners and discuss a few favorite Oscar moments with local film critics: Columbus Dispatch film critic Nick Chordas, freelance writer and film critic Melissa Starker, and Drexel Theatres owner Jeff Frank. Also on this episode: Nary Manivong is a self-taught clothing designer who went from homelessness to the runway.

Conversation with filmmakers Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington about their documentary Restrepo chronicling the deployment of a platoon of U.S. soldiers in Korengal Valley, one of the most dangerous regions in Afghanistan.