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Oct 14, 2019

When Gov. Mike DeWine addressed a Dayton crowd two days after a mass shooting in August, the crowd asked him to just "do something." He responded with a proposal for universal background checks on gun sales and a version of the "red flag" law.

The governor last week retreated from both promises, saying that he has a superior plan that would expand the state’s pink slip system, hospitalizing certain people deemed at risk for violence for up to three days, and a way to make it easier to prosecute gun sellers.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Oct 7, 2019
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

Governor Mike DeWine is set to unveil the legislation for his 17-point fun safety plan today. 

The plan called for tougher background checks, a version of a “red-flag” procedure, and expanded mental health services.

The DeWine plan arrives a week after House Democrats demanded that Republican leadership hold hearings on another slate of bills they say will help reduce gun violence and mass shootings

Today on the All Sides with Ann Fisher Weekly Reporter Roundtable: gun control and more. 


Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Aug 26, 2019
The Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus.

Gov. Mike DeWine reiterated his stance on executions, saying the state’s current lethal injection protocol will not be used and Ohio needs to find another process.

However, DeWine’s office has given what some call mixed messages, as news state lawyers told the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals that executions were still on the table.

Today on our weekly reporter roundtable, the death penalty and more politics news.



Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Aug 12, 2019
The Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus.

Governor Mike Dewine proposed a 17-point plan to reduce gun violence in the wake of mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, Texas.

The plan includes expanded background checks, “Red Flag Laws” and other priorities. 

The governor’s version of the “Red Flag Laws” would allow judges to confiscate guns from people who present a threat to themselves or others.

This shift from the usual position of Ohio GOP leadership comes after his address was drowned out by chants of “Do Something” at the Dayton shooting vigil.

Today on All Sides Weekly Reporter Roundtable, Ohio lawmakers on guns following the mass shooting in Dayton

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Jul 29, 2019
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

Governor Mike DeWine last week signed the controversial nuclear bailout bill, guaranteeing roughly $150 million for two nuclear power plants in northern Ohio.

Consumers will pay 85 cents per month to fund the bailout.

Proponents say Ohioans will save money because the law also cuts fees for energy efficiency and renewable energy. Opponents say the law is a blow to the future of renewable energy industry in Ohio.

Today on All Sides, the Reporter Roundtable talks nuclear bailout and more.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Jul 22, 2019
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Governor Mike DeWine signed a two-year spending plan for the state.

The $69 billion budget became law after a two week delay while lawmakers mulled their differences over tax cuts for all and tax exemptions for small businesses. 

DeWine vetoed 25 line items, including a school funding provision that he said would have unfairly benefited wealthier school districts. 

Today on All Sides, the state budget, the vetoes, and more.

The Impact of Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Feb 15, 2019

Ohio is leading the way in taking on the so-called pharmacy benefit managers, the supply-chain middlemen who work in secret, fixing drug pricing without scrutiny.  These private subcontractors have been accused of overcharging patients for health benefits, underpaying pharmacists and keeping most of the profits for themselves.  Today on All Sides, pharmacy benefit managers and efforts by the states to get some clarity.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Jan 14, 2019
The Ohio Statehouse
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 Republican Governor Mike DeWine was officially sworn into office today, shortly after midnight. He replaced two-term Republican Governor John Kasich.  Today on All Sides, inauguration day, DeWine’s cabinet and more on our Weekly Reporter Roundtable.

The Modell Law and The Crew

Mar 14, 2018
MATTHEW BERNHARDT / Wikimedia Commons

The state of Ohio and the city of Columbus have sued Precourt Sports Ventures and Major League Soccer, in an effort to prevent the Columbus Crew from relocating to Austin, Texas. The lawsuit cites ORC 9.67, commonly known as the "Modell Law." We look at what the law entails, the local impact of the lawsuit, and whether or not the suit can keep the Crew in Columbus.

Ohio's attorney general says $79.5 million in grants will be awarded to more than 350 crime victim service providers across the state.

The proposed abortion ban that a group of citizens wants to put before Ohio voters has been stopped – for now.

Laurie Avocado / Wikipedia

Attorney General Mike DeWine has rejected the summary for a statewide ballot issue seeking to legalize both medical marijuana and industrial hemp in Ohio.

Dual Freq / Wikimedia Commons

Ohio's attorney general says the state has received $6.5 million from a solar energy company that went out of business and defaulted on two taxpayer-supported loans.

Ohio's attorney general is investigating whether a state university and its consultant violated state lobbying laws when the university paid him nearly $2 million without a state board's prior approval.

Thousands of Ohioans are having their student loans forgiven.

State Attorney General Mike DeWine and nearly 40 other attorney generals announced on Monday that nearly $11 million in student loans will be forgiven as part of a nearly $100 million federal settlement with Pennsylvania-based Education Management Corp., which runs for-profit trade schools and colleges.