deer hunting

A meat locker of deer at Mosley's Meat Market in Hilliard.
Paige Pfleger / WOSU

Warning: This story contains vivid descriptions and images of how a deer is butchered.

Ohio opened its deer-hunting season to hunters with guns this week, which means butchers like Jay Mosley of Mosley's Meat Market are working overtime. 

Adora Namigadde

Ohio fields and trees were once again dotted with bright orange at dawn on Monday, the first day of Ohio's shotgun deer hunting season. 

As Ohio’s deer hunting season ramps up concerns about Lyme disease are also rising.  Health experts point to the blacklegged tick which transmits the disease and can pose a problem for visitors to wooded areas.

Some 241 cases of Lyme disease have been reported in 60 Ohio counties in 2017 so far, a significant increase from the 160 cases reported last year, according to the Ohio Department of Health which authored the report.

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The state says hunters killed and tagged more than 18,000 white-tailed deer on the opening day of Ohio's deer-gun hunting season.

Ohio Deer Herd Healthier Than Ever

Dec 6, 2010

Every year in Ohio, with the first two weeks of December comes shotgun hunting season. Hunters routinely bring in upwards of 200,000 does and bucks to local check stations. That's a big change from just a few decades ago, when wildlife officials worried the animal could disappear completely.

Clouds fill the sky on a gloomy day in rural Union county, where pickup trucks and orange hunting vests dot long country roads. The woods John McCoy and Adam McMahon plan to hunt sit a quarter mile off the road, on the other side of a muddy plowed field.