dave filipi

Rare Football Films: The Newsreels

Aug 22, 2013

10:00 Before televisions were in every home, and long before live streaming, sports newsreels allowed football fans to watch players in action. This hour we'll talk about the importance of archived footage and discuss some rarely seen historical highlights. Plus we'll take a look at the surprising influence of the game on American culture. Guests

Narrative Medicine: How Listening Heals

Apr 4, 2013

11:00 Recent data show that a patient gets to speak for an average of 12-15 seconds before a doctor interrupts. The practice of narrative medicine, which favors listening to patients, finding the story behind an illness, and fostering empathy, has seen a resurgence in recent years. In this hour of All Sides, we'll explore the surprising ways in which stories can heal the body. Guests

Slow Money Sustainability

Feb 15, 2012

11:00 The Slow Money movement advocates for sustainable financial investments that support local, community-based food and farm businesses. "The grassroots movement is growing everyday, with goals "to enhance food security, food safety and food access; improve nutrition and health; promote cultural, ecological and economic diversity; and accelerate the transition from an economy based on extraction and consumption to an economy based on preservation and restoration." But what are the principles of the movement and how are they upheld?

A movement to build a sustainable food system that nourishes our bodies and our environment, with farmer and author Joel Salatin; and the OSU Wexner Center for the Arts’ documentary film series about the food industry and our relationship with food, with Wexner Film/Video curator Dave Filipi.

All Sides Weekend/movies

Sep 25, 2009

All Sides Weekend, with WOSU host Amy Juravich: The best alternative films available on DVD and special film screenings in Central Ohio, with Wexner Center for the Arts film/video curator Dave Filipi and “All Sides with Ann Fisherâ€? producer Linda Taylor.