The Trump administration is proposing a regulatory change to ensure that companies that accidentally kill migratory birds during the course of their operations will no longer face the possibility of criminal prosecution.

Wildlife protection groups are decrying the proposal as an attempt to rip the teeth out of a century-old law that protects migratory birds, while industry groups say they have long been hamstrung by the threat of legal action.

Dave Reutter and Kyle Wilson stand along a stream in Willow Brook.
Nick Evans / WOSU

Rows of nearly identical houses run along gently meandering roads in Jefferson Township’s Willow Brook subdivision. It’s suburban, but tucked in here is a pretty innovative environmental project.

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Snot otter. Lasagna lizard.

Pick your favorite nickname for the Eastern hellbender salamander.

Artwork doesn't go on display right away when the Cleveland Museum of Art acquires it. The first stop is the conservation department. Some pieces move through quickly, and others require work.

Yi-Hsia Hsiao and her colleague speak to one another in Chinese as they work on smoothing out the creases on a wet piece of patterned, silk spread on the table in the Asian painting lab on a recent afternoon.

“I’m an art doctor. I save art[‘s] life,” said Hsaio, an assistant conservator of Chinese paintings.

Ancient Ohio Grist Mill Set To Grind Again

Nov 13, 2016
Sam Hendren / 89.7 NPR News

A nearly 190-year-old grist mill in Fairfield County will spring back to life next month.  A $1 million restoration will soon be complete.