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The House approved a bill on Wednesday that would ease legal restrictions for carrying concealed firearms across state lines – a move pushed by the National Rifle Association that comes just weeks after mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas.

On a mostly party-line vote, the measure easily passed, 231-198, although 14 Republicans voted no. Six Democrats voted for the so-called reciprocity measure, which would allow a gun owner with the proper permit in any state to carry a concealed firearm to another state where it is also legal.

Concealed carry
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The House has voted to change the rules by which Ohio’s 550,000 licensed concealed carry weapons holders have to tell police that they’re armed.

Concealed carry
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The Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio is opposing an Ohio bill, proposed by Republican state rep. Scott Wiggam, that would go easier on concealed-carry permit holders who fail to tell police they have a weapon while detained.

gun free zone decal
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A bill moving through the Ohio House, which would let off duty peace officers carry weapons into gun-free zones, now has the support of police officers.

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The debate over gun-free zones is back in full swing at the Statehouse as lawmakers argue which should take precedence: the rights of gun owners or the rights of property owners.

A bill that would allow licensed permit holders to carry concealed weapons into gun-free zones unless they’re asked to leave is on its way to the Senate after passing the House. 

Concealed carry
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State lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow people who carry concealed weapons into gun-free zones to avoid criminal charges.

Active shooter simulation training at Wadsworth High School in Northeast Ohio in June 2017.
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Ohio state law prohibits firearms inside school buildings, but school boards have the right to give individuals permission to conceal carry.

At the Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response or FASTER training, educators prepare in case of an active shooter. On the third and last day, participants go through an active shooter simulation.

An educator prepare to enter the shoot house, which is meant to simulate a hallway, doors and corners of a school.
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As the school year comes to a close, some Ohio teachers will be spending part of their summer break training for next fall.

They’re preparing in case of an active shooter in their schools. But this time around, teachers aren't learning to barricade doors or counter a shooter with distractions. 

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

May 22, 2017
Ohio Statehouse in Columbus
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A new bill was introduced that would reduce the penalties for carrying a concealed handgun in safe-zone areas. Currently, carrying a concealed weapon in certain areas, such as universities, police stations and school safety zones may result in a fine and possible jail time. The new bill would eliminate those penalties for citizens who have a concealed carry permit and bring their gun to a gun-free zone. 

Today we discuss this, Ohio's online harassment ban, the state's economy, worker's compensation and the latest in state and national news. 

Cedarville Becomes Ohio's First University To Allow Concealed Guns

May 9, 2017
Cedarville University

Trustees at a small private university near Dayton have approved allowing faculty and staff with permits to carry concealed weapons on campus.

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A small Ohio school near Dayton could become the first college in the state to allow concealed weapons on campus.

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Changes to Ohio's concealed carry law take effect Tuesday. That means more places - like daycares, government building and universities - have the option to allow people to carry a concealed firearm in public. But advocates on both sides aren't thrilled.

Concealed carry
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Ohioans can now carry concealed guns into more places. A new state law taking effect on Tuesday lifts blanket concealed carry bans at daycare centers and colleges campuses, although schools and businesses will still be allowed to ban guns if they want.

Concealed carry
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State officials say a record number of concealed carry licenses for handguns were issued last year.