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guns on display in a gun store
Seth Perlman / Associated Press

A new cross-check system between separate state law enforcement agencies has turned up 41 ineligible holders of Ohio concealed-weapon permits.

guns on display in a gun store
Seth Perlman / Associated Press

The number of concealed carry licenses issued in Ohio last year reached the lowest count in nearly a decade.

guns on display in a gun store
Seth Perlman / Associated Press

The sponsor of Gov. Mike DeWine’s gun violence proposal said it's a plan that can pass - though it's getting criticism for not including mandatory background checks or a red flag gun seizure law.

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The bill that would allow Ohioans to carry concealed weapons without requiring training or a permit has passed a House committee. The measure, which is known as “constitutional carry,” has passed in more than a dozen other states.

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Lawmakers and dozens of opponents to a pro-gun bill squared off in an Ohio House committee over so-called “Constitutional Carry," HB178, a bill that would allow people to carry a concealed weapon without the need for a permit or training.

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The Ohio Supreme Court has determined Columbus Police officers were justified in their search of a man after hearing gunshots in the area.

Weapons for sale at Mad River Armory and Range in Springfield.
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Ohio lawmakers are considering a long-debated bill that would roll back concealed-carry gun permit and training regulations. Some states have already passed similar controversial laws, while others have gone in the opposite direction to tighten gun sale, permit and background-check rules.

Ohio State President Michael Drake

Apr 4, 2019
Ohio State University President Dr. Michael Drake
The Ohio State Wexner Center

Ohio State President Michael Drake has said that the university’s investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against a former Ohio State physician should wrap up in a few weeks.

Richard Strauss, who was retired when he took his like in 2005, is accused of abusing more than 150 student, patients and athletes during his tenure at Ohio State.

The university has offered counseling support for victims, but further action awaits the conclusion of the investigation.

Today on All Sides, Ohio State President Michael Drake talks about that and more.

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Law-abiding Ohioans age 21 and older could legally carry hidden firearms without getting a permit under a proposal introduced by House Republicans and supported by GOP Gov. Mike DeWine.

Open Carry advocate Jeffry Smith at a 2016 protest on Ohio State's campus.
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The Ohio State University will now allow students, faculty and staff with concealed carry permits to store  guns on campus.

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Gov. John Kasich will allow a gun bill to become law without his signature, using an unusual procedure under Ohio law.

Ohio State University

An Ohio State Board of Trustees committee signed off Thursday on a measure that would allow certain law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons on campus, and a plan to purchase land in Delaware County for a satellite medical facility.

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One day after students at Central Ohio schools walked out of class again to call for tighter gun laws, pro-gun activists will rally themselves in downtown Columbus.

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The number of Ohio residents issued concealed carry licenses decreased from 2016 to 2017, despite new legislation that expands the list of acceptable places licensees are permitted to carry their weapons.

After last week's shooting in Parkland, Fla., calls to arm teachers and school personnel have intensified. Both President Trump and the National Rifle Association argued this week that enabling school officials to shoot back could save lives and could deter potential assailants from entering a school.

Trump has clarified that he believes only those "adept" at using firearms should be armed, not all teachers.