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A full crowd at Ohio Stadium.
The Ohio State University

The crowd was deafening inside Ohio Stadium for the kickoff of last year’s game against Michigan. But lately, it’s perhaps a little less deafening than before.

The Cavs are getting lots of praise for hiring the University of Michigan’s John Beilein as their new head coach. The 66-year-old has spent the last 12 years with Michigan, leading the Wolverines to the NCAA Final Four twice.

The Final Four is this weekend, and a lot of people will be watching the court. But off the court, there's a scramble underway that could dramatically change how teams look next season. Last fall, the NCAA launched the Transfer Portal, a website that’s a one-stop shop for athletes who want to play for a new team, and for the coaches who want to recruit them. 

Urban Meyer Stepping Down

Jan 1, 2019
Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer
Michael Conroy / Associated Press

After a seven-year run as the head football coach at Ohio State, Urban Meyer will be stepping down after the team’s final game on January 1st.

Meyer cited health issues and his suspension earlier this year as reasons for his transition out of coaching.

Today on All Sides, Meyer’s decision and the legacy he leaves behind at OSU.

In 2009, the former UCLA basketball star Ed O'Bannon took on the NCAA in a lawsuit that challenged the organization's ability to profit from the likenesses of college athletes in a video game. But as the case heated up, its stakes and scope began to sprawl, opening a can of worms that threatened to upend one of the bedrock principles of college sports: amateurism.

The University of South Carolina celebrates winning the 2017 NCAA Womens' Basketball Tournament.
NCAA Women's Basketball/Facebook

Columbus will host 12 college championship events over the next five years, NCAA announced last week, including basketball, bowling, golf, lacrosse, rifle and volleyball. While the city has shown increasing interest as a sports location in the past few years, including for the women's basketball Final Four, it may be a harder sell for the industry's biggest events.

Indiana University will no longer allow prospective student athletes with a history of sexual or domestic violence to compete.

Big Ten Football On Fridays? Prep Coaches Aren't Pleased

Nov 17, 2016
Kellie / Flickr

The Ohio High School Football Coaches Association is voicing its displeasure over the Big Ten's decision to play some games on Friday night next year.

The Business of College Spirit

Jun 19, 2013

10:00 OSU sports would be pretty somber without the Best Damn Band in the Land, but funding for college sports "auxiliaries" is not always easy to come by, despite the big money generated by teams. This hour, we'll examine who pays for Ohio State's marching band and cheerleading squad, and how they manage to keep Brutus Buckeye in fighting form.   Guests

LGBT Students and College Sports

Mar 12, 2013

10:00 Ohio State's hockey team hosted the NCAA's  first ever Division 1 "Pride Night" in support of the "You Can Play" initiative, a project that promotes acceptance of LGBT athletes. Professional sports have yet to see an openly gay player, but with the growing trend toward tolerance, a gay pro athlete may step into the spotlight soon. In this hour, we'll discuss how attitudes on homosexuality are shifting at the college level. Guests