Main Street Bridge Arch Complete

Jul 15, 2008

The new Main Street Bridge in Columbus has moved one step closer to completion. Tuesday marked the topping of the incline arch.

When it's completed in November 2009, the new Main Street Bridge will be the first in North America to have as part of its superstructure an incline arch.

Mayor Coleman stood on the east shore of the Scioto River and watched as cranes raised the 63-foot-long, 150,000-pound center section that will connect the east and west pieces of the arch together. Coleman says the unusual design will become an icon for the city of Columbus.

The Ohio Inspector General says that Frankie Coleman, the wife of Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman, filed time sheets which included hours she did not work.

The inspector general found that Mrs Coleman "came and went as she pleased from her state job" in the Ohio Department of Development.

The investigation also alleges that Mrs. Coleman "established a pattern of being tardy or absent from work" while serving on Governor Strickland's Transition Team which was chaired by her husband.

IG report critial of Lt. Gov. Fisher

Jun 13, 2007

Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher has been under fire about how he handled a payroll scandal at the Department of Development. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman's wife, Frankie Coleman, was hired in February for a mid-level managerial position at the department. Mrs. Coleman's work attendance was questioned following a co-worker's allegations the mayor's wife was not working full days.

"Did I make a mistake? You bet I did," Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher said at a news conference.

The wife of Mayor Michael Coleman has quit her state job amid questions about whether she worked all the hours she submitted on her time sheets.

Development Director Lee Fisher says Frankie Coleman's resignation took effect on Friday.

She had worked as an assistant manager of workforce development since late February.

The wife of Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman is embroiled in controversy over her time cards for her job at the Ohio Department of Development.

Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles has more on the story.

Frankie Coleman sentenced to 3 days in jail for DUI

Dec 21, 2005

The wife of Columbus mayor Michael Coleman will serve jail time for her drunken driving conviction.

Frankie Coleman this morning changed her plea this morning to the most serious drunken driving charge and was sentenced to serve the mandatory 3 days in jail.

Coleman was arrested this fall after crashing her car into a parked truck in Bexley.

A breathalyzer test determined her blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit.

Frankie Coleman told the judge she changed her plea because she wants to get on with her life.

Mayor Coleman drops out of gubernatorial race for family

Nov 29, 2005

Mayor Michael Coleman says he's dropping out of the governor's race to concentrate on his family and the city. Coleman says it has become apparent to him that in order to run for governor he would have to neglect those two things.

I can not sacrifice my duty as mayor, a role I love, to campaign for governor for the state of Ohio.

Coleman referred to the city of Columbus as a member of his family and says it needs him at this time. He says there's a lot to be done in Columbus.

The wife of mayor Mike Coleman has pleaded guilty to some charges in connection with her drunken driving arrest last month in Bexley. But Frankie Coleman continues to fight a charge that could put her in jail for three days.

With news photographer camera shutters clicking away, Frankie Coleman walked into municipal court with her husband beside her.