coal industry

Since the coronavirus hit the U.S., coal mines across the country have begun shutting down, laying off workers and slowing production.

The Trump's administration's proposal to relax regulations on carbon emissions is welcome news in coal producing states like Wyoming, even as people in the industry acknowledge its impact would be limited.

This story is part of a series on coal country by NPR's Embedded podcast. Episode audio is below.

On May 5, 2016, Donald Trump led a campaign rally in Charleston, W.Va.

He put on a hard hat and pretended he was shoveling coal. The crowd loved it.

And he made a promise — a variation on one he had been making throughout the campaign — to coal miners.

Rural medical clinics that are struggling to respond to an epidemic of a fatal lung disease plaguing coal miners received a 40 percent boost in federal funding with the passage of the omnibus spending bill last week.

Coal in Ohio

Feb 13, 2017
Coal in railroad cars
Decumanus / Wikipedia Commons

In Ohio, the coal industry has a history dating back to the 1810's.  Coal, despite its continuing usage in and out of Ohio, has fallen in the past decade.  This hour, we discuss Donald Trump's energy policy, what it will mean for the future of coal, and the environmental concerns surrounding the recent repeal of the Obama-era "Stream Protection Rule".