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Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday outlined an updated climate plan, seeking to invest $2 trillion to boost clean energy and rebuild infrastructure.

The proposal is the second plank of his new economic agenda called "Build Back Better," which he first detailed last week in Pennsylvania.

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Columbus City Council on Monday gets its first chance to discuss a citizen-led clean energy initiative looking to set aside nearly $60 million in city money.

FirstEnergy Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Oak Harbor, Ohio.
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Ohio lawmakers are debating a plan that would bail out the state’s two aging nuclear energy plants by charging customers more.

Understanding the Clean Power Plan's Impact in Ohio

Feb 4, 2016
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The Clean Power Plan has set new standards for states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Already, this plan has been scrutinized and questioned for legality by states and energy corporations across the country. Today, we are talking about what the clean power plan means for Ohio, our power plants, and our energy bills.

Local Officials Fight State For More Say In Location Of Wind Turbines

Dec 1, 2015
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There’s a new fight brewing over green energy laws, as some local officials want more control over the location of wind turbines.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Nov 16, 2015
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The 2016 Clean Energy Initiative, which is trying for the fifth time to get enough signatures to qualify for the statewide ballot, would distribute more than one billion dollars in state sold bonds to develop green energy projects and research. Although Issue 3 failed to legalize marijuana use in Ohio, state lawmakers are discussing the possibility of crafting a medical marijuana law that would bring the drug to patients in need. 

Backers Of Green Energy Plan Say It's 2016 Ballot Or Bust

Nov 6, 2015
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With Issues 1, 2 and 3 in the rearview mirror, groups are already working on the next crop of statewide ballot issues. That includes a green energy initiative that’s had problems getting to the next step.

State Panels Recommends Indefinite Suspension Of Green Energy Standards

Oct 1, 2015
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Ohio lawmakers have dealt another blow to the green energy industry and the state’s policies to encourage its use.

Ohio and the Global Clean Energy Race

Apr 27, 2011

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid returned on Monday from from a week-long visit to China, after meeting with high-ranking Chinese officials. Reid came back impressed by advances China was making with clean energy. He stated... “China isn’t investing so heavily in clean energy just because it’s good for the environment - it’s doing so because it’s good for the economyâ€? (AFP).