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WOSU Replay: Give the Gift of Music

Jun 22, 2019

Replay is back – bigger and better than ever! Classical 101 in partnership with Music Columbus and CD102.5 is once again collecting instruments for kids in Columbus school music programs. Music not only enriches lives; research also shows that children who study music perform better.

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Classical 101's musical instrument drive, Replay!, continues until 4 p.m. Friday. It's designed to get musical instruments into the hands of young people in Columbus by collecting donations of instruments no longer needed or being used. The response has been fantastic, so thank you and keep them coming.

With all the great stories of first experiences with music and musical instruments we've heard this week, I tried to recollect my first memories of music. Up until then, I had pretty much forgotten about what actually must have been my first musical instrument—a Mickey Mouse guitar!

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By Frederic Bertley, CEO of Columbus' Center of Science and Industry (COSI), in support of Replay!, Classical 101's instrument drive

My parents really tried to impart a love of music to me.

I was the last of four kids, and all of my siblings played a musical instrument. I had just turned 6 years old, and it was my turn. My parents put me in piano lessons.

I still remember an almost off-hand comment made by an Austin, Texas, musician. She had stopped to drop off a banjo for a musical instrument drive I was spearheading at another station a few years back. As she was filling out the donation form, she said, to no one in particular, "Music saved my life."

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Proposals to cut funding for the arts pop up in seemingly every federal budget discussion. A recent proposal suggested eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities completely.

Much to the relief of many, the House appropriations committee last week approved a bill to provide $145 million for each endowment in the 2018 budget. It's a slight reduction ($5 million each) but manageable, given the proposed alternative.

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If you have siblings, you know all about hand-me-downs.

Some younger siblings get hand-me-down clothes — I got a hand-me-down violin.

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Classical 101 is collecting new and gently used musical instruments to put into the hands of local kids. Learn how you can help at

I still vividly remember my first encounter with a musical instrument.

When you grow up next door to a junior-high school music teacher and your father is an amateur big-band singer rattling the walls with his LPs of Sing Along with Mitch, you either run away from the neighborhood screaming or you develop your own love of music.