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I’ve been a fan of Eugenia Zuckerman's for many years. She’s an artist on the flute -- a soloist, orchestral and chamber musician.

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I’m late getting to the Debussy year, the centennial of his death in 1918. 

George Frideric Handel
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Most people who experience George Frideric Handel’s operas do so as spectators, taking in the music and drama onstage from a comfy, velvet-wrapped seat in the audience. 

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Many years ago, I recorded an interview for WOSU with soprano Licia Albanese. She was a favorite of Toscanini’s. Her career in opera went back to the 1930s. 

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Jarmila Novotna (1907-1994) was a Czech opera singer who made movies with Fred Zinnemann, Montgomery Clift and Mario Lanza. She was a favorite of Arturo Toscanini, who brought her to New York in 1938. Just in time, as “the lights were going off all over Europe.”

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The turn of the calendar year is a study in contrasts. As we reflect on the events of the previous year, we look ahead to the year to come, in all its shining possibility. 

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There might be a few little girls in America who don't dream to dance in The Nutcracker. If so, I don't know who they are.

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What rocker wouldn't want to sit on Mick Jagger's lap? What painter wouldn't want to clean Picasso's brushes?

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Beethoven changed the course of music with his mighty nine symphonies. What would happen to music — and to the world — if the manuscript of a 10th symphony by Beethoven suddenly emerged from oblivion?

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It's been a few years since my first list of "10 Great Children’s Books About Classical Music." Just in time for the new school year, here's a list of 10 more engaging illustrated children’s books about classical music.

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Heidi Waleson has been the 

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When I was young and obnoxious, I had very little use for any music that approached large commercial success.

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Leonard Bernstein and his wife, Chilean-born actress Felicia Montealegre, had three children: Jamie, Alexander and Nina. Montealegre died in 1978. Bernstein died in 1990, at the age of 72. 

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I knew of Eugene Drucker as a formidable violinist, and as a member of the acclaimed Emerson String Quartet. The Emersons have been established internationally for years. And they've long had a home on Classical 101.

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Think of your favorite page-turner. Think of the novel you get lost in, whether on the beach or on the bus — The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough comes to mind for me.

Then add to that a dash of love for music and musicians, and you get Lauren Belfer's And After the Fire.