Illustration of the ancient earthworks of Circleville, Ohio.
Caleb Atwater / Description of the Antiquities Discovered in the State of Ohio and Other Western States

Circleville, Ohio was established over 200 years ago, but the land where it sits has a cultural history that goes back much further.

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Circleville residents are more than familiar with the rumble of railroad tracks, as trains carting cargo pass through their town. Up to 60 trains travel through the tiny city every day.

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Circleville relies on Berger Health System. For residents of this Pickaway County city, Berger Hospital is the only one within about 20 miles. And like many rural hospitals, it’s on the brink of closure—that is, unless locals vote to save it.

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In Circleville, where trains sometimes block responders during emergencies, the city will reopen an old fire station on the other side of the tracks while trying to find funding for an overpass above one of the city's 19 rail crossings.

Circleville Fire Department

The lawyer for a central Ohio city is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit by a female ex-firefighter who says she was the longtime victim of sexual harassment.

Circleville Pumpkin Show Offers Revenue Boost For Local Shops

Oct 18, 2006

Circleville celebrates its centennial pumpkin show this week. Some of the main attractions are the half-ton pumpkins, the enormous pumpkin pie and of course the pumpkin queens. The yearly festival, though, is more than just a piece of pumpkin pie; it's an economic boost for local businesses.