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Foster Care And Child Welfare During Coronavirus

Apr 22, 2020
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Across the U.S., COVID-19 has applied fresh pressure to an already overburdened child welfare system.

The pandemic has closed courts, sidelined caseworkers and slowed the process for reunifying families. Most visits with parents now take place online. Worry about infection has had a chilling effect on recruiting foster parents to meet the need.

Child welfare advocates worry about the added trauma and isolation for already vulnerable kids. 

A Montgomery County judge’s ruling Monday keeps hundreds of Montgomery County Children’s Services workers from returning to the picket line they began on Friday.

Judge Richard Skelton extended Friday’s temporary restraining order barring the Professional Guild of Ohio (PGO) union from continuing its strike. The county and the union must now return to the bargaining table.

Montgomery County Children’s Services workers walked out on strike for about two hours on Friday before a court ordered them back to work, effectively halting the strike for 72 hours.

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Child welfare advocates in Ohio say children have become the "invisible victims" of the opioid crisis as more kids are put into foster care and funding for children services agencies falls short.