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Officials with Pelotonia say they’re investigating whether a man featured in the organization’s advertising faked his illness.

11:00 As winter approaches, the couch seems like a cozy place, especially when you don't feel well. But it's possible that your recliner is actually the cause, not the cure, for what ails you. This hour, we'll discuss the toxic chemicals in our furniture. We'll also get the latest on an untreatable side effect responsible for one in four cancer deaths and tackle disappearing health coverage. Guests

Pelotonia and Cancer Research

Aug 18, 2010

The second annual Pelotonia bicycle tour to raise money in support of cancer research conducted at the Comprehensive Cancer Center and James Cancer Hospital/Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC-James) at The Ohio State University (OSU), with Pelotonia executive director Tom Lennox, OSUCCC-James director/CEO Dr. Michael Caligiuri, M.D., molecular virology, immunology & medical genetics associate professor Denis Guttridge and OSU College of Medicine Pediatric Oncology professor Peter Houghton.