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Wellness Wednesday: The Health Risks Of Processed Food

May 22, 2019
Healthy Food
Peggy Greb / Agricultural Research Service

Processed foods have become a staple of the western diet.

But eating a lot of these foods filled with extra sugar, fat, and other additives are making you hungrier, not to mention gain weight. 

That's accoding to a new study by the National Institutes of Health, which found that those who ate on an ultra-processed diet gained weight and took in about 500 extra calories a day.

Today on All Sides, health risks of consuming processed foods, and more.

Well, it's official. Beginning today, all restaurant chains in the U.S. with 20 or more locations must post calories on menus or menu boards.

When Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, back in 2010, the federal calorie posting mandate was born.

Many chains, including McDonald's, Panera and Starbucks, began posting calories several years back. But the proposed regulations hit several snags as industry groups lobbied for changes. Now, there's no escaping them.

Scott Gottlieb, the Food and Drug Administration commissioner appointed by the Trump administration, has this in common with Michelle Obama: He wants to know what's in the food he eats.

And this, it seems, includes calorie counts.

Now, the FDA has released its guidance on implementing an Obama-era rule that requires chain restaurants and other food establishments to post calories on menus or menu boards. The mandate was written into the Affordable Care Act back in 2010.